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This bulletin is meant to enlighten people on beliefs, one of my main points of information I like to spread. I don't really 'believe' in it :p but in my opinion it leads to a lot more mental sanity ;p.
If you have beliefs you experience confirmation bias with any new information you encounter. You will seek to validate and confirm earlier beliefs. What's healthier are opinions, opinions are more flexible and easier to change. Truth becomes easier to find with 'beliefs' out of the way.

for instance this study shows that political opponents hardly ever use logical reasoning, what predominates is emotional behaviour.

Let's use the 8 Circuit model to illustrate this
2nd circuit: Emotional Territorial Political (toddler stage)
3rd circuit: Logical Semantic TimeBinding
When beliefs are threatened people go into 2nd circuit emo-territorial mode, defending their beliefs - almost no logical reasoning: what the study showed, politicians are well aware of this and use this all the time to polarize people in opposite ways. Divide and Conquer.

How naive is rejecting something you haven't tried? The human mind is capable of holding many conflicting theories at once, you should try it one time, it's true objectivity and will make you more intelligent, have you making more new connections and will make you THINK more. Though some opinions are stronger than others and it's a never ending challenge to stay truly objective, trusting your intuition (if it's developped that is) you can let go of some prepositions like "all politicians mean well" :p etc

Because if you investigate conspiracy, the occult, mysticism etc you'll bump into a lot of BS. (BS=Bullshit and/or Belief Systems :p)
For instance in the occult several layers of symbolism are applied, you might run into ONE explanation you like and keep it, discarding others while they are just as valid.
In conspiracy one researcher will bitch about another one and 'expose' them as cointelpro or psy-ops or whatever for not 'believing & saying' the same things they like. Who's been 'exposed' already? About everyone :p though it seems to me they just don't really like each other as they like their own beliefs.
In Mysticism you'll know what is true by experimeting and getting results. "The mystics ask you to take nothing on mere belief. Rather, they give you a set of experiments to test in your own awareness and experience. The laboratory is your own mind, the experiment is meditation." Ken Wilber
I hope you can see how this philosophy can help you in Ufology and many other areas as well.

First explore other reality tunnels, then OPEN yours indefinitely:
Reality Tunnels (world models and how to change 'em)
8 Circuits of Consciousness (the operating manual for the domesticated primate)
Believe Nothing (on confirmation bias)
E-Prime Language (English language without "to be")
Groupthink (about group think :p)
Lateral Thinking (Instead of Linear thinking)
Toddlers (Politics at toddler level)

Btw the Buddha quote got a bit butchered too, I like this version much better:

"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.
Do not believe simply because it has been handed down for many generations.
Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many.
Do not believe in anything simply because it is written in Holy Scriptures.
Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of teachers, elders, or wise men.
Believe only after careful observation and analysis, when you find that it agrees with reason, and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all. Then accept it and live up to it."
Buddha (That's a slightly different message than the one below)

Don't believe in yourself, I mean your ego is a construct :p who am I? :p
But have self-confidence and be optimistic ;p
The answers do lie within you

"We can all see how other people's BS (belief system or bullshit :p) makes them blind and "stupid" at times, but we find it very hard to notice how our own BS is doing the same to us. This is what anthropologists call 'acculturalization.' Following Gurdjieff, I prefer to call it hypnosis... Every politician knows how to induce hypnosis, and very damned few peple on the whole planet know how to de-hypnotize themselves. The world is not governed by facts or logic. It is governed by BS (belief systems)."
Robert Anton Wilson

"Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently. Stupidity is blockage of this process at any point. Bigotry, ideologies etc. block the ability to receive; robotic reality-tunnels block the ability to decode or integrate new signals; censorship blocks transmission."
Robert Anton Wilson

"Whenever people are certain they understand our peculiar situation here on this planet,
it is because they have accepted a religious Faith or a secular Ideology
(Ideologies are the modern form of Faiths) and just stopped thinking."
Robert Anton Wilson

1. Never believe totally in anybody else's BS.
2. Never believe totally in your own BS.
Robert Anton Wilson

more related quotes

peace to all
whatever your beliefs ;)

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------

Only Believe Yourself
Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person has said it!
Believe nothing just because that belief is generally held!
Believe nothing just because it is written in ancient books!
Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin!
Believe nothing just because someone else believes it!
Believe only what YOU yourself test and discern/judge to be Truth for You!

Most importantly - Believe in Yourself!
The answers you seek lie within you!

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