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Conspiracy in TV Fiction

Messages to wake up? Replacing the urge for truth in the real world? Both? :p


(crappy show btw :p)

Spoilers for season 2 episode 2 warning (like that matters :p)

In Jericho some of the biggest cities in the US have been destroyed with nuclear blasts, the show follows the inhabitants of the little town of Jericho near Kansas. We soon learn that a conspiracy of American elite's have planned and executed this. An inside job.

In the second season a small war between 2 villages to survive is interrupted by the US military finally showing up. Only they are now the military of the new Elite, who have comfortably put themselves in power.

And wiped out North Korea and Iran to cover it up...

In the 2x02 episode, they get new history books. To flare up more patriotism it says pulling out of vietnam was a mistake and the missile crisis was handled like cowards lol. Among other things.

The military head officer of Jericho, who seems uninformed about the conspiracy says this to the local sheriff:
"Local intel always beats the eye in the sky."

Later a "journalist" says this to the sheriff:
Journalist: Cheyenne (the new Washington) doesn't like incidents like this covered, may control my credentials.
Sheriff: what the hell kind of reporter are you?
Journalist: the working kind
Sheriff: so that's your idea of being a journalist, not making waves?

Then the reporter goes on about lying about the situation in the country, how a chemical attack is spreading further than the media have admitted.

Journalist: "I used to work for the la times before the attacks I won 2 pullitzers I've got a pretty good idea about what it means to be a journalist, and they don't exist anymore." (Like there were many before the attacks, here they mean the US attacks, you could apply it to 9/11 in the real world, though seriously, we've never had much journalists.)

While they're talking further, a wonderful subliminal message:
Sheriff: "I'm not a conspiracy nut!"

And here, how the people involved in the conspiracy justify their crimes:
Journalist: "People get the news they deserve."
Yet who has molded the people?

The episode ends with Ravenwood, a private contracter which wonderfully resembles Blackwater's crimes, arriving in the town and taking over from the military officer. That's right, a private commanding officer.
Interestingly, why is a soldier called... a private? :p

The logo of Ravenwood is a red shield with a raven. The red shield is a symbol of fascism. Also Red Shield = Rothschild.

Jericho Promo for the 2nd season


Other fiction where conspiracies are involved:
Prison Break features a conspiracy of elites high up in government who frame an innocent man who supposedly kills the vice-president's brother (or something, who can remember all this shit :p), only he's still alive even.
Later they want the framed man's brother to break out an inmate in a crazy south american prison. (In reality though, they'd just order the fucking release :p)

Battlestar Galactica (new version) features a ship they encounter with a Commander who will stop at nothing to survive, killing and looting from civilian ships is no matter. The Galactica is on route to find earth (a symbol for 'home'.) after their home planet has been destroyed (old beliefs) by humanity's own creation, the Cylon robots, a symbol for the roboticism created by the elite here. Interestingly you could say the robots rose up and destroyed their selfish creators.

Heroes features a conspiracy of people with siddhis who try to steer the world their way. They are defeated by their own children.
Interestingly, the symbol of the show heroes is a solar eclipse, as opposed to harnessing the power of the sun. It could also be interpreted more positively though as defeating the Patriarchal/Solar era.

Lost features a conspiracy of scientists who, well who the fuck knows what lost is about anymore really :p A staff of more than 10 writers is probably more confused than the viewer lol.

Kyle XY features a conspiracy of scientists who corrupted the work of a genius, to spawn 2 geniuses. One they lose, the other they use to track the first. Obviously, the young ones learn the truth and kick ass.

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