Monday, January 28, 2008

The Time Loop Theory

"Synchro-mystic" connections explained
(aka The TIME LOOP Theory)

In science-fiction, when someone is stuck in a "time loop" (usually a single day that repeats itself over and over again), they eventually become aware of the anomaly because of subtle "messages" found in the very fabric of reality itself, and these messages grow in number and become more clear every time the loop repeats itself, until the cycle is broken somehow.

The best example of this is from an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation". The episode starts with the Enterprise being destroyed when it collides with another starship. Then we go back a little while, see the events leading up to what we saw in the beginning, until the Enterprise is destroyed again.

This could go on forever, the entire Universe being forced to repeat a pointless pattern for the rest of eternity simply because someone somewhere made a bad decision in one specific moment in time, but fortunately, it seems the Universe hates being stuck in a rut. So these space-time messages emerge, and become more frequent and more obvious, until someone makes another decision that will free everyone from this neverending loop.

In the Star Trek episode, people are woken up by bad dreams. Memories, images, SCREAMS, of something that has happened countless times before, but that also has not happened yet. At first, they keep these feelings for themselves, until they become so overwhelmed that they begin to share their experiences with others (like we have over the Internet), only to find out that practically EVERYONE has made similar observations in their own daily lives. And then they sit down at a table together, to try to figure out just what the hell is going on.

The solution comes when Data, the ship's android, finds a way to transmit information to HIMSELF, from the end of one time loop to the next, thanks to his hyper-intelligent positronic brain. This information is then found everywhere he goes in this new and final cycle, until he realizes, at the most crucial moment, what it all means, and manages to change the course of history and break the loop once and for all.

The Illuminati are presently building a massive, very unique STARGATE where the Twin Towers used to be, in fact they destroyed the TT as a part of a planetary occult super-ritual precisely so that they could manipulate the Earth's power grid and build this "Freedom Tower" uber-stargate. It is supposed to be a TIME-gate, not just a time travel device, but a machine that will allow them to defeat the will of the Universe (the spiritual evolution and liberation of the human race), to indefinitely delay the inevitable, so that they may retain control of the Matrix they've created, even if it means remaining forever prisoners of a self-imposed time loop.

This is supposed to be the 6th or 7th version of the Matrix? More like the 6th or 7th time we've repeated this pattern, from God knows when, perhaps ancient Babylon, to the year 2012. But the Universe is speaking to us, our own subconscious minds are trying to make us understand, that this can be the last time, all we have to do is WAKE UP and look at all of these clever little messages around us, telling us what happened and what we are supposed to do.

And if we fail, if we gather all of the pieces of the puzzle a little too late, or if we simply don't manage to destroy this "RAGNAROK" machine they've built, don't worry. We'll probably get it right next time. Or the next time after that. Or the next time after that. Or the next time...

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Anonymous said...

the only time i feel out of the time loop is when there is a group of people working outside the's hard to explain. the group feels as if it is transcending the "time loop"