Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fascist cops brutally stripsearch woman

update: 2nd part, removed first blog entry as 1st video got pulled offline.

PLEASE CONTACT The sheriff department that is responsible for strip searching this poor woman and tell them how this makes you feel! Here is their contact details:
And the page contains a phone number and the following email address:

Warning: This video isn't easy to watch:

Part 2, part 1 got pulled offline.
Male and Female Fascist Cops stripsearch woman to the nude, she was the victim, called the police for help and got treated this way. This is incredible. Just what the fuck are these cops being told by their superiors to even fathom the idea that this behaviour is ok?

Original video link already pulled offline was here: original video link (down)

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Virgil Frankenstein 3000 said...

Moral of the story: Don't trust fucking pigs