Monday, March 10, 2008

Awakening the Third Eye

After the David Wilcock vid I decided to do the Samuel Sagan meditation: Awakening the Third Eye again, instead of my usual twice daily vipassana meditation which I had been neglecting a bit too for a while. I guess I had to integrate my new found hedonic appreciation of the world with my mind expanding mission to really understand integrally why I'm doing this.

During the third eye meditation, which I previously quit while I was just having success getting my third eye throbbing. (And the same with vipassana seeing more & more small visions, and the Hemi-Sync series with which I just reached seeing through closed eyelids) I am ready, also thanks to Antero Alli's Angel Tech Course I'm taking, to commit myself again.

And that intention gets you immediately back on the right path it seems. I did the Third Eye meditation and had 2 small visions, one of Iraqi soldiers in the heat of battle, and a more interesting one of a circular room with different shades of red and silver linings, a pod containing a sort of fabricated skin tissue serious adult man, with the skin on his head pealing away in layers revealing an innocent buddhist monk-like child with a blissful expression on its face.

Check out the meditation page for just some of the benefits, meditation suggestions and more.

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