Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Roundup

Radicalchange: Waking Up to Your Senses - Systemic Calibration podcast
The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism By Hakim Bey
Reality Sandwich: How Shamans Dream the World into Being by Alberto Villoldo
The 10 Most Prophetic Sci-Fi Movies Ever (by 9/11 denying cowards PopularMechanics)
Thughter Thoughts: Cern as Stargate Marchine ; Watergates ; 2012
Doomsday Fears spark CERN lawsuit
Timothy Leary Audiorecords
DruidJournal: A Crime in our Name: Iran
DoseNation: Leonardo DiCaprio to star in 'Brave New World'
UN Could Lead New 9/11 Investigation, Says Japanese MP
Wyoming sheriffs put feds in their place
Top 10 Skyscraper Pillarmids

Futurist Ray Kurzweil Pulls Out All the Stops (and Pills) to Live to Witness the Singularity
From Posthumanblues: "But the crucial thing that Kurzweil did was to make the end of the human era seem actionable: He argues that while artificial intelligence will render biological humans obsolete, it will not make human consciousness irrelevant. The first AIs will be created, he says, as add-ons to human intelligence, modeled on our actual brains and used to extend our human reach. AIs will help us see and hear better. They will give us better memories and help us fight disease. Eventually, AIs will allow us to conquer death itself. The singularity won't destroy us, Kurzweil says. Instead, it will immortalize us."
Someone show Battlestar Galactica to this guy :p hehe.

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