Sunday, March 23, 2008

You are Alive, Dammit.

Hehe great pic: You are not your musical preference, your nationality, your race, your subculture, your favorite movies or tv shows, your media bs you read, your parents, your friends, left or right, your ideology or your religion, your drugs, your new ridiculous toys, your computer, stereo or tv, your city, your haircut, your clothes & shoes, your 'trends', your ability, your inability, your phobias, your sickness, your muscles, your appearance, your art, your knowledge, your ignorance, your heroes, your anything. etc. You are not even your thoughts (meditate to realize that). Those are all only part of your Reality Tunnel and you have the power to change your Reality at will. How about we evolve beyond divide & conquer by realizing we are all human. There is nothing permanent or compulsive in your system except what you believe to be so.

"I'm with that, I'm with them. You aren't, you are ALIVE... dammit." Pinback

I'm not this band (:p):

Pinback - Non photo blue


Rion said...

Pinback is incredible, time for them to release a new album soon, dontcha think? I find myself telling people the same thing you posted all the time-"its just a car, a job, a house, it isn't you, stop identifying with this shit." Great job on the site, keep it up, its appreciated.

dedroidify said...

Their latest album is Autumn of the Seraphs, don't have it long myself. Thanks for the kind words.