Friday, April 11, 2008

Jesse Ventura Debates 9-11 Conspiracy on Opie & Anthony

Jesse Ventura Debates the 9-11 Conspiracy Theory

Former Minnesota Governor, professional wrestler, actor, and author Jesse Ventura visited the Opie and Anthony Show to promote his new book, and the conversation eventually turned to Ventura's thoughts on the September 11th tragedy.. His views don't sit well with the likes of Anthony, Jim Norton, and Bob Kelly, who is visiting... The conversation turns ugly fairly fast...

The vibe I'm getting from Opie & Anthony is: "I can't believe my government would do that." And thus defend that belief passionately.

The thing with people who can't believe the 9/11 conspiracy theory is always: "why would they do this, why would they do it like that?"
How would people, who just investigated the evidence and see through the deception, know those answers?
I also love how they keep asking Jesse why he's angry while one of them is fucking losing it continually.

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