Thursday, April 24, 2008

Swish! Reprogramming and Transmuting the Negative into Positive with NLP

Here is a simple but very powerful exercise to re-associate or reprogram some aspects of your personality you'd like to change. It's a very tweak-able exercise so be creative with it!
To dedroidify: to evolve beyond BS and thus your own reality tunnel programming!

This exercise is called Swish in NLP.

Think slowly (and pay attention to your inner world with all senses) of 3 things or people you really dislike, that when they pop up in your head you get that icky reaction. Where did you see it appearing relative to your eyes? And how?

When you're done STOP! Red and green bicycles having fun on a road. Nevermind, that's called a "break state", so you're neutral again to continue the exercise.

Now think slowly (and pay attention to your inner world all senses) of 3 things or people you really love, that when they pop up in your head you get that full bodily reaction of happiness. Where did you see that appearing relative to your eyes? And how?

Again when you're done, STOP! Check the clock, what time is it? Oh ok, nevermind :p and let's go on. (break state)

Is some realization already occuring? If not don't worry. I actually re-discovered this stuff myself yesterday, to my own amazement!

Ok so get something in your head again that's negative, pay attention to everything, if it's not clear, pause and take another negative stimuli. By everything I mean: Where is it localized? How big is it? 2D or 3D? How sharp? How colorful? How still or moving? How clear or blurry? What sounds accompagny it? How do you feel and where does that start? Do you hear, smell or taste anything? (Use the senses the most that are most natural to you)

For example when I have negative stimuli popping up a visual comes up for me from the very slight bottom left (so actually really in the middle but a bit to the bottom left), I feel a short very slight sting in my stomach, the negative is seen in a blurry cloud.

Now the positive is totally different. When I have a positive stimuli it triggers a more colorful visual right and up from the middle, actually it's so far up it's freaking ridiculous. No wonder I was such a pessimist for most of my life! One reason was the negative was more centered, closer and thus faster and easier to visualise than the positive! I also get a good slight feeling in my tummy and the picture moves a lot more.

Now here are a few tips to transmute the negative into the positive. Obviously you don't have to start liking all you dislike. But this is SO helpful in forgiveness and understanding, and not getting unnecessarily uptight for silly reasons!

When you get negative stimuli, you see it where it's at, now as fast as possible: change the color to black and white, make it a stillframe instead of a moving picture, make the visual as small as possible, mute the sound and zoom it out away from you into the darkness, woot! It's gone!

[If the stimuli or memory it recalls is too heavy, or keeps moving etc, you can try this: See the memory but play it backwards (memories are only bad at the ending!) and in that small, black & white stillframe you made, add some circus music and some colorful crazy clowns on bicycles tumbling over around you. If you can be sad or depressing while visualising that you must be really be doing your best to not become happy! ;p You can be very creative with this and do whatever you want to make yourself happy, you are the best judge of how to do that!]

Now when the negative is zoomed out and away, you replace it with a positive stimuli QUICK, zooming in BIG, 3D, COLORFUL, LOUD, AMPLIFYING ALL POSITIVE ASSOCIATIONS YOU MAKE. Feel great! Breathe deep and Smile! :)
By big I mean HUGE, by colorful I mean insanely colorful, by loud I mean your favorite kind of music that fits with this visualisation like a huge symphonic orchestra is placed on each side of you, and see the good feeling you generate expand visually. You can even try it much simpler and try moving a negative visu to the positive side if you'd like to de-intensify it.

All time spent on this will be worthwile, you can de-intensify your negative responses so you're a bit more fun to be around with and you can get along better with yourself too. You can intensify your positive responses to have and be more fun. And best of all, you can transmute the negative responses into more positive ones. Remember, the world isn't automatically divided into good and bad, our perception really makes something good or bad, and we can change our perception anytime to become more happy and understanding of this reality.

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