Friday, April 25, 2008


Reality Sandwich has a great post up on Synchromysticism featuring mostly Jake Kotze's fascinating work.

Great recent synchromystic posts:
Jake has a fascinating 9/11 related post up awesomely called "What a Big Fucking Lizard, Lord!" The 911 Dinosaur Mystery"

Chris Knowles from Secret Sun posted a very interesting vid of him, Douglas Rushkoff and others at NYCC panel talking about Chris' fascinating book Our Gods Wear Spandex.

Atlantean Times asks Who wants to be a Fake 911 Millionaire? in an amazing post I'm still digesting. Check this out, AT mentions:
Shortly before becoming a household name on Have I Got News for You, Merton had suffered a mental breakdown and booked himself into the Maudsley psychiatric hospital for six weeks,[4] about which he has since talked frankly, in an interview with The Guardian he was reported to have been "hallucinating conversations with friends, and became convinced he was a target for the Freemasons".[5]
Now if you follow that link to five you go to the wiki article links and then follow the link that's the source for that, you will - incredibly - see this, look at the spacing of television:
'I was starting to frighten people and they were starting to frighten me,' he smiles wryly. His stay at the Maudsley wasn't entirely without laughs. A psychiatrist felt he had to humour him when he said he appeared on the televi sion ('Like I'd said I'd gone to Jupiter to buy a jumper') and Merton had to show him a tape to prove it. Since then, he's done a bit here and there for mental health charities.
Can't believe I didn't realize that sooner, in my defense, "television" in my flemish language is "televisie". Relating little to Zion or the Sun ;) If this didn't make much sense to you, the Illuminati use loads of Solar Symbolism. For instance in religion: Jesus is the Sun/Son of God. Check out these two posts at the Secret Sun: One & Two.

Thuth from Thuthter Thoughts (that just sounds great :p) talks about Iron Man and Oz & Ufos.

And Hidden Agendas has an amazing inspirational post on Belief Systems and Synchromysticism. "Everyone's path to "truth" is separate and different from everyone else's."

Always check the comments of Synchromystic blogposts! It's a wonderful community of people who love to share and learn.

Here's the Chris Knowles vid:

Our Gods Wear Spandex - NYCC panel

Panel at New York Comic Con on April 19, 2008 on the topic of Christopher Knowles' book Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes. Moderated by A. Davis Lewis, panelists include Christopher Knowles, Testament creator Douglas Rushkoff, Cairo author G. Willow Wilson, Virgin Comics writer Saurav Mohapatra and DC Comics legend Denny O'Neil. Panel discusses the archetypes of comic book superheroes, their function in modern culture and the future of the genre. Questions are also taken from the audience.

The vid features a Kean Cameo in the beginning :p. From A Kean Eye, check out this post about Bears and the comments, It seems Kean & I have some affinity with the Bear archetype.

And lol, I didn't even realize I was wearing this crazy bear t-shirt I got from Thailand with all other kinds of crazy symbolism under a vest the entire day.

You can see dancing bears and the second one is holding a Rose, Sun Set: Seth lord of darkness which could be the (one-eyed) skull, Pyramids at the top and twin pairs of Sumerian type wings and palm trees. Dig for the symbolism a bit yourselves too. Don't worry, outside I keep this shirt under the vest ;). Haha.

Oh and finally,
I wanna thank the admin of very much for linking me so soon on that site. Since I don't know who you are, allow me to suggest here that maybe it's better to only link my posts labeled synchromystic as this blog posts brainfood of all kinds and isn't as specialized as the other great synchromystic bloggers. Thanks again! :)


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