Saturday, April 26, 2008

WeAreChangeUK confronts Phil Hayton about WTC7

WeAreChangeUK confronts Phil Hayton about WTC7

What a journalist lol. Remember, the BBC reported on WTC7 collapse - which wasn't hit by a plane - 23 freaking minutes in advance. Let me make clear that my current opinion is that Building 7 was most likely a controlled demolition.
Though they cut off the vid and not let him finish his train of thought, he obviously said something after "I think you might be right." Probably less positive and understandable but not too smart, critics will be turned off.
I think it's rather interesting that a lot of media & political figures never seem to remember directly where they were on 9/11, yes it's been a few years, yet I remember where I was vividly during such a time. He seems to be bullshitting a bit, though I'm not sure.
What's also interesting, is he said he "heard it on the radio" and then went on air and said it, so he even knew it earlier, well I'd have asked him about that!
Still, interesting, though shame of the cut-off, it would convince more people if that didn't happen I think. Though don't get me wrong, I love WeAreChange, keep up the great work guys!
On a previous occasion, We Are Change UK contacted Jane Standley (who reported the collapse too early as well) by phone about the telling incident. Standley, unlike Hayton, was not surprised by the revelation, but became uncomfortable and hurriedly ended the conversation, only commenting that she had been "harassed" about the situation already.

They obviously don't really like talking to the "ordinaries" you see...

Also see this vid from WeAreChangeUK: 9/11 questioned in European Parliament.

More news from the UK: EU wipes England off the map - as Gordon Brown flies the flag of St George over Downing Street. The flag of St. George... the flag of the Knights Templar. St. George had fun with a dragon too. Gorden Brown is laughing his ass off probably. Intended to boost trade between the European Nations, ah traders! Traitors. Language, it's a funny thing.
(warning: a new record in f'd up ugly Amy Winehouse pictures at the side of that EU article.)

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