Friday, May 30, 2008

Chinese Astrology part 2

Well I had some fun with the Rooster chapter, there are some spot on observances, some good qualities I can easily convince myself to accept. But when she goes into more detail with '5 element' roosters, Suzanna White totally fubars it up lol - by which I mean, I don't recognize myself in any one of those profiles. I know individual (western) astrological profiles are much more detailed from experience. Even though there are still some errors in there cause you know, you can't get everything right with 'cold reading' like stuff - or - if you wanna take it more seriously, life shapes you too, I have to say a lot of stuff in profiles is uncannily accurate. I even checked out some profiles for friends and holy crap that's just creepy sometimes. (But then again, I remember Derren Brown's stunt where he gives loads of people an astrology profile, and most of them say it's at least 80% correct - and it turns out it's all the same profile ;p. But on the other hand, when I read profiles other than my own in psychological types or astrology they're totally wrong.)
I really love stuff like this, it always helps me become a better person wether it's astrology or Myers-Briggs psychological types. I highly recommend an exercise like this. But don't learn any new problems ;p. That doesn't mean ignore the negative aspects of a profile but learn to transmute them.
This is a hard comparison, but I once knew a lady with ADHD, and she had every problem "in the book." She knew 'em by heart, and was perfectly able to learn new problems when somebody told her she made a mistake. The perfect citizen for authorities :p. Some people claim that ADHD isn't even a condition, as for kids for instance, it isn't freaking unusual to not be able to sit still in a classroom for nearly an entire day. I'm not sure about that cause this lady was f'd up bad, I mean really bad, she could barely take care of her kid, let alone herself. But wether it was a psychological disposition or condition, or just a skewed belief system by "health professionals" I don't know.
I tried helping her with NLP (reprogramming or reframing associations) but after one session - which she really liked and was optimistic about, I had to go to Thailand and - out of sight, out of mind - she dropped from the Earth and didn't answer my mail or text so hey, all the best to her and another sign that alternative health wasn't for me. I think for her like for many unfortunate others: the comfort zone > the unknown.

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