Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chinese Astrology

lol, today is dedroidify blurb day, sorry folks :p (I've got nothing today, nothing :p)

My folks got back from Thailand again (they have a place there), and my mom is crazy awesome at finding (synchronistic) presents. My folks have no idea what my intrests are but know I like Buddhism and "all other weird shit" lol. (They are materialist atheists. Succesful ones who love to work hard and play hard, I must be adopted. :p)
I received a pendant with my chinese horoscope on it. The Rooster. Now I think mainstream astrology is silly as shit, for instance, I don't know anybody from the same birth year as me to be even remotely similar to my personality. Also in western astrology, my sis and dad are pisces like me and let's just say we're on such different frequencies it was hard to take astrology seriously in my youth. Though my Hawaiian buddy V has changed my mind somewhat about more serious astrology (thanks again V ;p). Btw, that pendant I hope is more reliable than a t-shirt I had with a chinese symbol, I had it in 3 colors, and when I asked a chinese girl what it meant it was hilarious, I can't remember exactly but it says "office" or something. So I don't wear 'em anymore considering how many Chinese people this planet counts haha.
I also got a book on The New Chinese Astrology by Suzanne White. The chapter on my horoscope is titled this: The Resilient Rooster. LOL! I needed 23 years for my first real resilient action :p "Uncommonly resilient , you were born to bounce back." LOL! Though I have to say, the rest is a lot more fitting, and when things are going great I am able to transmute the worst tragedies, for instance when I crashed my former car and went "wiiii" with a bit of exageration :p. I'll be enjoying this read, and hopefully believing some parts ;p
The other presents involved dragons (woot!) and a synchromesh t-shirt with a symbol on it I have to take a picture of and post here, so the symbol experts can explain it to me :p (a winged cross with a freaking kundalini-style electrical cable!). An earlier pendant I had received from my mom, purely 'coincidental' was one with an omega symbol on it. That was awesome, but I threw it off once I realized I was in a reality tunnel of killing time until 'the omega point' cometh and didn't want that, at all!

Here they come to snuff the rooster
Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
You know he aint gonna die
No, no, no, ya know he aint gonna die
Alice in Chains

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