Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daily Dedroidify: The Truffles Trip

Daily Dedroidify: The Truffles Trip: Psilocybin Tampensis (Circuit 6)

Two friends showed up unexpected with some magic from Holland at a friend's house. We decided to trip with 5 buddies sharing 4 doses, trust me, it's enough for each :p
We had talked about it before, and set and setting were great, trusted friends and a house with a hedged garden. The taste is vile but at least with truffles there's MUCH less to eat than with regular magic mushrooms and you can't help laughing your ass off with a group of buddies trying to get through that together. We started by playing some Motorstorm on ps3 though I didn't just see the rider, I felt the riding like a rollercoaster feeling going from top to bottom of my body constantly, a little too intense. The guys turned off the game for me and spread out exploring the house, garden and their mind listening laidback to Fatboy Slim's latest Late Night Tales on repeat, a wonderful little cd with mellow classics. I was on the couch, in between circuits six and seven, in the psychic/metaprogramming circuit but more than ready to delve into the collective unconscious, I've been in-between before and it's not fun, I wanted to remain conscious as to not worry the rest and to be able to make it a shared experience. The only thing to do is to relax and accept your situation, which I did.
About an hour of gawking at visualisations of all kinds, geometric patterns and mystics, which couldn't be held long cause they became too intense. I alternated with gawking at the fireplace and the great milkdrop winamp visualisation (damn fractals on shrooms! :p). Again I the mystic and escapist experienced intense appreciation of the 'normal' after such a bumpy ride unable to control the shifting energy. After an hour or so I finally came down a little and things got really great, I settled down in the sixth metaprogramming/psychic circuit. The senses are heightened, energy can be seen, sound and image can be felt, and the mind is able to go beyond its programmed belief system with ease. Energy patterns on floor tiles and walls and curtains unveiled themselves, laughter was easy, fun and intense. It was great fun to stare into this color-changing ball-lamp holding it to your head like you were peering into an ocean of morphing light. Rediscovering the simplest of things like stretching your legs and walking on grass and really enjoying it, kicking a soccer ball around, talking deep and philosophically and then histerically laughing at what you just said or realised. Laughter set off more laughter and set off more laughter, one haha was enough to erupt a storm of hysterical laughter. Communication is felt on a whole other level, not only conveying sound and image, but feeling and meaning. Back on the couch I started getting all kinds of thoughts of the near-future I was worrying about before on the trip the same day I freaked out earlier in traffic cause it was going soooooooo slow but now all of that was able to be reprogrammed metaprogramming at will, changing any value in your belief system to a more overall positive value. You take a helicopter hovering above your own belief system and limiting beliefs are granted a much larger view. I was able to look at many negative opinions and beliefs from multiple positive angles and imprinting a new automatic-response with concentrated joy.
For nearly a month after the trip I was seeing everything positive, not worrying at all about outcomes and living in the blissful now without any effort Another main philosophical current was that concepts take on their own life, Plato's ideal essense, even Leibniz's Monads lingered in my head the coming down is the greatest of all, you've survived another ride and now you can still enjoy a bit of the view slowing down talking and laughing about what you saw and experienced, and vowing to wait a while before doing it again :p

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Kieran said...

hey mr droidydoo, really nice report there, 'tis been awhile since i've voyaged into familiar territory so this post has made me feel a whole new level of positivity towards future voyages. metaprogramming our biocomputers re-wiring thoughts and thought associations to more joyful and positive feelings and reactions, very good to hear about the level of control we really do have and underestimate in ourselves when we become more conscious of our programming and know how to create our own outcomes and change the system when thrown into the psychotropic reality test :)

i made this song today and it sounded nice reading about and visualizing the truffle trip

dedroidify said...

Wow dude, I wasn't expecting something so cool! The kids were just excellent, please, please make another version that's a little longer too, do something more with it :D Raaawk!