Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Venus/Frige's Day

The name Friday comes from the Old English frigedæg, meaning the day of Frige the Anglo-Saxon form of Frigg, a West Germanic translation of Latin dies Veneris, "day (of the planet) Venus." However, in most Germanic languages the day is named after Freyja—such as Frīatag in Old High German, Freitag in Modern German, Freyjudagr in Old Norse,Föstudagur in Icelandic, Vrijdag in Dutch, Fredag in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish—but Freyja and Frigg are frequently identified with each other.

The word for Friday in most Romance languages is derived from Latin dies Veneris, "day (of the planet) Venus" (a translation of Greek Aphrodites hemera) such as vendredi in French, venerdì in Italian, viernes in Spanish, and vineri in Romanian. In most of the Indian languages, Friday is Shukravar (or a derived variation of Sukravar), named for Shukra, the Sanskrit name of the planet Venus. Russian uses an ordinal number for this day of the week-- piatnítsa, meaning "fifth." Similarly, the Portuguese is sexta-feira, the sixth day.

Next month there is a friday the thirteenth, on that day I have a job interview at the center for Speech and Language Therapy/Pathology in my town (the US needs a more negative name! :p).
13 is considered lucky and unlucky depending where and who you ask, those who consider it unlucky are not really in the 'conspiratorial know' as some say, you might for instance wanna check out how many groupings of 13 you find on the dollar bill. [13 original colonies, 13 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 13 stripes on our flag, 13 steps on the Pyramid, 13 letters in the Latin above, 13 letters in "E Pluribus Unum", 13 stars above the Eagle, 13 plumes of feathers on each span of the Eagle's wing, 13 bars on that shield, 13 leaves on the olive branch, 13 fruits, and if you look closely, 13 arrows.] The authorities have since taken action to ensure the little people know the 'right' meaning, even the kids. (some fun quotes: "No one knows for certain what the symbols mean" - lol, "The pyramid is UN-capped", lovely subliminal, United nations capped? :p - to UNdo something, like the USA? :p). It's also the number of circles, or "nodes", that make up Metatron's Cube. There are 12 members (apostles) of the zodiac along with the Sun (son of god), making 13. Etc.

Goddess on the mountain top
Burning like a silver flame
The summit of beauty and love
And Venus was her name

In this vid, there's a hellish scene and a female devil. The 'devil', Lucifer is the Light Bearer. So is Venus: "The little sun in which the solar orb stores his light." HPB.
The word “lightbearer” in its literal sense means he who bears the light. It is synonymous with a person who searches for knowledge and enlightenment and who in so doing seeks to bring it to mankind. It is in this pure and beautiful sense of the word that “lightbearer” has been used in the name of the Lightbearers Organization and as a reference to Baron Eugene Fersen. In astronomy, Venus is known as the Lightbearer - the Morning Star - because it rises on the early morning horizon heralding the sunrise.

Circuit 5 Neurosomatic Hedonic Ecstacy, Venus, god of love, sexual ecstacy. Venus in astrology. In tarot, the Empress. When I do tarot readings, my starting card always seems to depict the phase I'm in now, the Empress was a long one, where I let my new learnings grow in my subconscious so to speak. I've been in the Knight of Cups for months and months now, suggesting that I get off my ass and be creative. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try and cook something up, I mean people will buy anything right? ;p Hehe. I'll post more about my tarot adventures sometime.

Netzach, Victory and Feelings in the Kabbalah.

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