Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yesterday, a buddy (none of my buddies are truth seekers, but inevitably listen to me once and a while) said to me. "I'd just like to know something for sure about all this."

Now I'm an expert at explaining why you shouldn't believe something. But I was dumbfounded to answer this question. All I could say was how can we be sure with all this disinfo, assumptions, ignorance and agendas etc. I also said, by exploring all these fascinating versions of what could be true, we can extrapolate 'our catma truth'. So my question, to keep this short is, with what we're exploring what can we be sure of? Was there a better answer I could have given? Any Suggestions? I mean "only the madman is absolutely sure" by RAW sounds great but to somebody who didn't even go to a good school, it sounds absolutely absurd.

One of the biggest problems I find in the western world is communication is so geared at "being right & victorious" in a conversation, than it is about "sharing & learning". With conspiracy and consciousness research, people who want to be right & victorious (and have a constant searchlight on for indignant anger opportunities) are absolutely worthless in conversation, and thus when I talk to my buddies, they will not ask more questions about any topic, and I think it's because they think they're inferior conversation partners then. While I, if I'd meet someone like me would hear them out on everything. Unfortunately, I haven't, I've only met pseudo-openminded folk like New Agers and Alternative Health practitioners who were just as dogmatic with their Belief System as the next guy. I mean I met a guy who believed vehemently and poetically in reincarnation, but meditation - that must be silly! How am I supposed to make conversation with such people if any topic triggers unthinking passionate stupidity in either accepting/rejecting the information, instead of exploring? I can't do it.

Ok stopping the blurb now (*cough* poll *cough* :p), I hate typing blurbs so maybe that's why they're not so popular either lol, I edit way too much, even after posting. Cause I feel it's just a moment's take and one view, and I'm too lazy to write up all views, don't wanna get Carpal tunnel here! But sheesh, when I read it, five minutes later I wanna post something else, not to mention five minutes after that, and so on. I continually find myself not agreeing with... me :p. (Maybe I have to write a book or something with all reality tunnels included). But I have to express myself, since I can hardly do it anywhere else. If I can't do it here, I'll start another blog :p yeah how's that? lol. Oh and about the poll, philosophy is the winner behind consciousness so far? Go to the freaking library for philosophy! :p Geez! Pick out the content the most easily available in any library, I'm trying to investigate the weird and unusual that belief systems usually reject folks, help me out a little :p. [Take this lightly folks, I know I just asked for what you wanted to see more of ;p]


William Thuther said...


This is a very tough question. I don't really have an answer, as I am also searching for the one, solid truth. I have often thought that if I could find that truth, I would have something to start building an entire belief system on, but so far (after a lifetime spent searching, about 6 years searching while 'illuminated') I haven't only found more and more possibility - all the searching has only served to open me up more, rather than solidify anything.

I agree with all you've said in this post. I think the best thing to come out of it is that your friend is starting to search. That's always good news.

Also, I know this is a bit cliched, but the searching for answers is probably the truth. Our consciousness is so limited in these earth-bound incarnations on purpose, so that we will search for the truth.

I took Salvia for the first time a couple weeks ago and had my consciousness shredded apart. I came out of it with a new understanding of three old truths - 1) We are so much more than our bodies 2) The Matrix is a beautiful thing and a precious gift that must be cherished at all times (this is something many of us searchers forget - I do), and 3) In our present life, we have intentionally limited ourselves so that we will continue the search for higher truth.

We are placed in this conscious space to learn things about this conscious space. The walls that keep the Matrix in place are soooo important to this process, if even only to break through them.

As always, thank you,


Ps. I want more Magick and the Occult! I'll take your poll in a minute.

dedroidify said...

Same here, all possibility instead of one truth, which I'm really starting to like, but it's hard to explain to new people.

"I think the best thing to come out of it is that your friend is starting to search. That's always good news."
lol, sorry I didn't make that clear, he (and the rest) isn't doing anything except listening to me once and a while. It's frustrating as hell :p They don't even ask questions, they go "oh?", "haha", "hmm", or worse.

I did tell him that the mystery may be more important or interesting than the answer.

About your salvia trip, especially the 2nd point I have a hard time with. Because I started this truth seeking stuff cause I hit rock bottom in my former atheist reality tunnel, I hated this world, myself, humanity and reality.

A mushroom trip let me know experientially that everything was fine, perfect even. And I felt that a month after the trip. But then the ol' programming kicks in and my rational map of reality doesn't agree (again, or yet, at all). "Shit is fucked up" is how I like to summarize things :p And the most positive one which I repeat often on the blog is "I can't possibly take reality seriously anymore"

And 3: why the hell would we wanna do that? I'm not disagreeing, I'm just asking, why? Why limit yourself to grow? It makes no sense to me. I still don't like being here very much, so I can't rationalize at this time why I'd "come here". To learn patience? Holy shit did I sign up for a curriculum :p.

Sorry to pick your brain like this! But I'd love some follow up comments :)

Thanks for the great comment. I'll have to warn you I'm still quite a novice in Magick and the Occult :p.

William Thuther said...

"why the hell would we wanna do that? I'm not disagreeing, I'm just asking, why? Why limit yourself to grow?"

Safety, security, comfort?

I saw the movie Cloverfield recently, and that movie has become a metaphor for many different things in my life. The apocolypse, the Zeitgeist, the process of awakening - anything big and out of my control that lumbers through our consiousness destroying everything in its path. It's also the absense of meaning, destroying the grand edifices we've set up to create and maintain the Matrix. The building in NYC and Dubai (as you've recently shown) are more than just buildings, but temples to anchor us into this reality. All the public rituals I talk about at Thuther Thought are there to create the Matrix around us. This is what Cloverfield and Salvia has taught me. The Grand Architects of our society know these things, and use them to keeps us grounded in this reality (that's why I'm going to stock up on Salvia before it becomes illegal - although it's such a powerful drug - be careful - I thought I had done it all, but I was wrong - It ripped me out of the Matrix and showed me what the Matrix was in ways that LSD, Mushrooms and Mescaline never did).

I look at the news and I think, The Matrix Sucks. Then I look at a big tree outside my window and I think, the Matrix is sooooo beautiful.

It's been created to have Yin and Yang on purpose. The never-ending interplay of good and bad. Death sucks. Pain sucks. Feeling powerless against Cloverfield sucks. But it's there so that we fight against it, and in doing so, grow.

When I say limit yourself intentionally, I mean we have set up blocks in our consciuosness so that we can physically exist in this reality. Otherwise our lives would be awash in a never ending Salvia-like experience. We couldn't function, we wouldn't exist as individuals. I mean that before we enter our bodies, before we are born, we have limits placed on our awareness so that we can experience the Matrix. I don't mean we limit our thought processes, I mean we limit the amount of light and sound and sensation we can take in so that we can exist without totally going insane. So that the world can even exist in our conscioussness at all. Does that make sense?

Watching the Robert Anton Wilson stuff you've posted, as well as T. McKenna, I now see that belief controls us on so many levels. If I believe the Bible to be the absolute truth, I am being controlled in a bad way (I would say), but if I believe the tree outside my window to be real, and gorgeous, that is a kind of control in a good way - a control that I put on myself, subconsciously so that I can exist in the Matrix. There's many levels of belief, but no fine lines between them.

On one level, I believe the tree to be 'real', but on another I know it's condensed energy and an interplay of light that is enerting my brain, where I form the image of the tree that I see. I have a pact with all the other humans, and my own consciousness, to see this particular flow of Atoms and energy as a tree.

This later type of belief is good, but must seen for what it is, a belief and a consentual pact to create a type of reality (the matrix) around us. This way, we can see how that reality is created and how people are trying to influence it with Sigils (symbols) and Rituals.

"Holy shit did I sign up for a curriculum :p."

I 'believe' you did. :)

dedroidify said...

"Safety, security, comfort?"
Ah what we take for granted, again and again hehe, thanks that was very helpful. Makes me think of my bad shroom trip where time & space got a mind of its own. That was my last escapist act taking those shrooms as I learned to cherish at least the mundane aspects of reality after that ;).

"The absence of meaning"
I like that, looking for too much meaning in my life at one point made it a mess.

Oh I can bet about salvia ;) I always approach psychedelics with the upmost reverence and never assume I know what's gonna happen (cause I've been wrong everytime ;p)

The tree illustration was lovely. Yesterday I went strolling through my city and we came across a little water pond in front of the casino. It's a local joke to keep foaming it :p.
The pond with the foam in it formed perfect concentric circle stargate symbolism with lights under it, beatiful synchronicity and I will post a pic of it later this week when my buddy sends it through.
With my level of daily synchronicities, maybe I should just conclude good matrix and stop whining haha. Though whining is all part of duality too :p

"It's been created to have Yin and Yang on purpose."
Yeah duality seems to be the learning experience in itself. Reminds me of a Monroe quote I posted a while back about all this suffering being a great school or something.

"Does that make sense?"
Yeah I did interpret it differently first as intelligence, thanks for clarifying.

Reality is merely an illusion but a persistent one eh.

"I 'believe' you did. :)"
haha excellent, I don't 100% (anything :p), but I see it as a major possibility.

Thanks so much for that Thuth! That was excellently helpful at this time.

hongo said...

Great post, man!! I personally really, really enjoy these blurbs of yours. I too have been struggling with these questions, and to come here everyday is truly a relief knowing that I'm not alone.

Back when I was an agnostic (I do believe in some sort of Great Spirit now) my main belief was that the search for God was futile because that kind of knowledge belonged to another realm of consciousness we are not able to reach or understand, for that matter. I always used to put it as a comparison between animals and humans. Animals are alive but (as far as we know) they don't use reason to survive, since they're incapable to do so - they rely on instinct. Therefore, they live on a lower "realm of awareness". We, on the other hand, live on a higher realm of awareness since we have reason on our side and can give a reasonable explanation to the phenomenons happening around us. But what if there was even a higher realm of awareness that reason could not comprehend or explain?

I find the search for Truth similar to this. Some may say methods such as the use of psychedelics or meditation can break through this barrier. And I've experienced it through psychedelics, especially, but what if it's all an illusion as everything else? Either way it's just a bunch of chemical reactions happening in our brain.

Oh, and another thing - you mentioned that you're "an expert at explaining why you shouldn't believe something". Can I get a link if you ever posted on that? Or maybe a repost?

Anyway, again.. great post!!! It's always good to shake things up a bit in the ol' rusty brain ;)

dedroidify said...

Thanks hongo,

I didn't mean I had any expert posts or anything ;p but check out the "blog info" link at the right hand side of the blog, here's a link:

dedroidify, bs and reality tunnel tags are related but dunno right away though these 2 dawkins related posts handle it too.