Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jesus Christ!

Following up on the earlier Acharya S video I'd like to ask you how you are down with JC? As usual, I don't know what's going on, but I have some ideas of which none take priority. If Jesus never existed I consider planet Earth an experiment in ignorance lol, what a cosmic joke that would be, there is of course very little reliable unbiased historical evidence to support the man was alive at the time. It's possible Jay-Zeus didn't exist at all and the esoteric secret societies enjoyed crafting religions using the same archetypes, and an unhealthy amount of Solar Symbolism, as the supreme mind control tool. [If you haven't investigated comparative religion yet, you're in for a treat, you can start with the Pharmacratic Inquisition which was the source material for Zeitgeist's first segment.]
It's also possible Jesus was a man who achieved enlightenment (by spiritual practice or whatever), and the mess that was the beginning of Christianity, included religion crafting by esoteric folks who were more interested in controlling the flock than Jesus his message. Either way, with the birth of Christianity as a religion came the dark ages, I'm sure the universe still can't get over how the Gnostic view of Christianity gave way to the BS we know now.
It's also possible Jesus was an incarnation of a line of 'supergods' (Who does this face remind you of? I know!) as Maurice Cotterell calls them, also including the Mayan Pacal, Krishna, Mohammed, Tutankhamun [See Cotterell's lecture for a primer on this, for instance: the feathered (or winged) serpent of the Mayas was Pacal, hmm what's that on Tut's third eye?], Buddha and many more. Strains of Gnosticism back up Cotterell's view as they saw Jesus as an embodiment of the supreme being who became incarnate to bring gnosis to the earth.
In others he was thought to be a gnosis teacher.
And yet others, nothing more than a man.
I once discussed Jesus with someone who was also into some conspiracy and consciousness research, he had 'once read' that there was a jewish resistance fighter at around the same time of Jesus and because of that he believed they just brushed up his story, again his BS made the conversation not quite so interesting as his idea was of course the only valid one. (Anyone else know this resistance fighter?).
It's also possible and likely entheogens were one of the major keys in religion (along with astrotheology), as you're gonna need some moment of gnosis to find out what's going on, spiritual techniques, the symbolist language and so on, if no supreme being 'incarnated'. (Check out the work of John Allegro and James Arthur).
Another possibility is secret societies with timeless knowledge continue to steer world affairs from behind the scenes, using their power of knowledge, molding religions and belief systems to further their causes. So Jesus could be just a mish mash of different myths as most religions are anyway.
Or the historical Jesus could have been of thé bloodline, and staged a holy personality to win the sentiments of the people, as Moses could have done with the Jews, and he didn't die on the cross but was nurtured back to health. And he did or did not go to India to study spiritual matters there.
As for the last one, ancient astronauts, extraterrestrial/extradimensional beings could have made up everything, using their symbolist language & lifestyle matrix to keep us in the material world, keep us from evolving and fulfilling our potential so we can be 'useful' to them.
Where what starts and what begins I have no clue, and language kinda sucks so you can take any part of a phrase and cut and paste it with any part for all I care, but I think it's a mesh of some or all these things together. You only have to have made up your mind already and a lazy investigator to not see that all religions are exoteric symbolical languages that all tell the same esoteric story. Oh and you can throw in another version with goody ancient astronauts thrown in the mix too.
I have not accepted Jesus as my personal saviour as that position is already taken by me. I'm sure I'll be forgiven should this be a mistake, Jesus seems like a cool dude.
If you have any other ideas feel free to comment, and let me know who you see in this picture. (it's George W. Bush...)


astrolint said...

I am a psychedelic christian. I don't really know how else to put it.
I was born in 1953, and when I was 10 I met Jesus. Throughout my childhood I was always in trouble. I spent my 15th year in reform school for incorrigibility. But when I was 14 I met the hippies, and lucky for me they had LSD.
The only thing that has continuity in my life, the only thing that ties my years together isn't entheogens, even though they are the the big back drop to my life. That thing that seems to be the golden thread that ties me together is this entity I met as a child and know as Jesus.
The love that entity has shown me has been the only thing that has driven me through life. I've had a handful of giant cosmic encounters with Him that I cannot shake. But its the ever present presence that keeps me looking at Him.
Understanding what that means is the only thing I think about. Christianity has left me mentally mangled and deluged with dissonance. But where else do you go? They were the ones that said they were His Church. What is called christianity hasn't really left me confused but definitely contaminated.
What happened to christianity is beautifully spelled out in the film Zeitgeist, a #1 must see for all. Yet, the Zeitgeist people might be mistaking the pre-historical Jesus pattern as a ruse by rulers rather than a resonance of reality.
If Jesus, The Logos of God exists, the pattern the shock wave that his existence forms is the universal resonance of God's love felt throughout history.
If the way I'm seeing it is real, His love and purpose supersedes everything and it doesn't matter what anybody thinks. The only reason for us to be here is to experience life on this plane in this condition and to do what what seems best.
The Kingdom of God is described as the antithesis of our present human condition. The egocentric position we find ourselves born into is not of our choosing. There is no way God could fairly condemn anything we do. Unless of course God is Q. But you know "God is Love" not an asshole. Be Excited! We are all about to find out who this God person is anyway.
Its all about Love. There is a lot to see in the pattern, and thats what we are all doing if we are engaged in life, looking. We have this sense that we need to grow, evolve, let go. Why?
I love the Idea of the attractor, The transcendental object at the end of time. Guess what/who I think that is.

dedroidify said...

Hi astrolint, what a pleasure to read your comment! I love exploring these themes so thanks. If only more Christians would look to the message of Jesus, instead of the church :) You bring hope hehe. I definitely don't link the comparative religion & astrotheology to the non-existence of a manifestation of the logos. I mean if we can reach enlightenment, it's not unfeasible that an already enlightened person can be born. I think depending (or not, if you're right ;p) on how subjective 2012 might be, and I think it could be immensely subjective - you could definitely be right about the attractor :).