Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Ohm Agenda: 2012 Explained

Spoiler Alert! LOL! This post "The Ohm Agenda: 2012 Explained" by Wrong Way Wizard is such amazing brainfood I feel like I have to celebrate reading it! (check out the comments too!)

"...cause none of them can stop the time." Bob Marley
Or cause time not to stop :p

'Save' Humanity & Deny Evolution? Nah, I say Evolution go! & laugh at the futility of it all. Time to move on, materialism addicts, all time ever does is move on until timelessness.


mark leclair said...

To you, 72,000 Songs of Praise for the shout out.

Thank you, Dedroidify!

I am adding you to my link list and I am thrilled to start into your material.

Thanks Again, Good Traveler.

Da WWWiz

dedroidify said...

My pleasure, thanks for the great stuff & the add.

Look around, it's all free! :p