Monday, May 26, 2008


I've put up a poll in the sidebar (you can vote for multiple answers!) to see how you are liking the blog content, you can post comments here too to ask for stuff not in the poll. Or suggest people or content I haven't mentioned here yet or often so I can learn from you too :). Thanks!


Tim said...

all except conspiracy.

too much of that stuff on the internets allready.

besides i get sick of so much negative veibrations ;)

dedroidify said...

Ah no can do, but I try to keep it positive.

Denied reality comes back to haunt.

Tim said...

it´s not about denial it´s about not focussing on it :)

dedroidify said...

Well I am focusing on it, this blog is about consciousness & conspiracy and if it's not appreciated I'm sure there are other blogs for you. I have a big freaking problem with the world's situation today and if you think everything's fine and dandy that just gives me more reason to loosen that BS filter.

When investigating consciousness, magick, the occult, alien entities and other dimensions you cannot leave out the authorities and conspiracy research. What am I supposed to do, when I post a researcher's work and he explores both fields?

What it comes down to: If you want selective reality, in other words, if you want to filter out what to me seem important aspects of this reality, this blog is not for you.

I hope that's clear enough cause I'm really tired of explaining myself to the bliss bunnies who can't or won't handle the darkness.