Friday, May 2, 2008

Prodigy: "They've actually set a pentagram on fire."

"The pentagon was set on fire, they’ve actually set a pentagram on fire. Only satanic worshippers set pentagrams on fire, when they practice their rituals."
Prodigy at vibe.

All in freaking caps, you can use textpad and change the caps.

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zupakomputer said...

The pentagram is the orbit of Venus as seen from Earth; it's retrograde periods (where it appears to stay in one place/move backwards in the sky) occur at 72 degree intervals, over I think an 8 year period (+/- 2 days max.).

There's many ancient alignments of buildings and complexes in Europe at least that use the pentagram; the whole Rennes-les-Chateau mystery is full of them.
There's also that curious "D&M" pyramid in Cydonia on Mars, and that has 5 sides to it - it looks like the Pentagon with a roof on.

Venus is a strange planet - its day is longer than its year. Some sort of cosmological catastrophe caused that. It's curious also how Venus is called 'the Morning Star' and so is biblical Lucifer - I think there's a connection to the cosmological event and the story about the fall, ie - what it really refers to.
The events caused catastrophe's here on Earth also, as far as estimates go, and they'd have noticed the new orbit in the sky back then too; perhaps that is where the pentagram = satanism comes from.

Of course, the pentagram also contains the proportions of infinity in it - the phi harmonics.