Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Mars/Tyr's Day

The name comes from Middle English Twisday, from Old English Tiwes dæg, named after the Nordic god Tyr, who was the equivalent of the Roman war god Mars, and Greek god Ares.

In Latin, it is called Martis dies which means "Mars's Day". In Romance languages except Portuguese, the word for "Tuesday" is similar to the Latin name: mardi in French, martes in Spanish, martedì in Italian, dimarts in Catalan, and marţi in Romanian.

In Italian, Tuesday is "Martedi", associating it with the planet Mars and the signs Aries and Scorpio. Tuesday is also associated with the dwarf planet Pluto. People born on this day show the qualities of Mars, Aries, Scorpio, and Pluto. This marries Tuesday with ideas of strife, battles to be won and pressing issues and jobs to get sorted. It is not a day to relax. This same meaning can be seen in the Spanish "Martes" and the English "Tuesday" ("Tyr's day.") In India, Tuesday is called "Mangalvar", for the Vedic planet Mangala or Mars. So as this day is called Mangal in Urdu. Tuesday is considered one of most inauspicious weekday in Indian subcontinent. Wedding, oath-taking, assuming office, starting business are usually avoid on Tuesday, because of natural malevolence associated with Mars.

In the Greek world, Tuesday (the day of the week of the Fall of Constantinople) is considered an unlucky day. The same is true in the Spanish-speaking world, where a proverb runs: En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques, meaning, "On Tuesday, neither get married nor begin a journey." For both Greeks and Spanish-speakers, the 13th of the month is considered unlucky if it falls on Tuesday, instead of Friday. In Judaism, on the other hand, Tuesday is considered a particularly lucky day, because in the first chapter of Genesis the paragraph about this day contains the phrase "it was good" twice.

In the Thai solar calendar, the day is named for the Pali word for the planet Mars, which also means "Ashes of the Dead; the color associated with Tuesday is pink.

Circuit 2 Emotional-Territorial & Mars/Ares/Tyr War gods. The Tower in Tarot (or Temperance according to Ellen Cannon Reed). Mars in astrology: Mars is the planet of action and the expression of will through activity. A heavily afflicted Mars in a natal chart may give the subject impulsive or violent tendencies. Favorable influences may channel the energy of Mars more positively, into strength, determination and achievement, for example.

Geburah, Strength and Will in the Kabbalah.

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