Thursday, June 19, 2008

Belgian Media goes stupid over 'controversy'

On a regional channel called TV Brussels viewers can do the weather report. Last night an otherwise regular report got aired by a woman in muslim dress, and in total played over ten times repeated during the night :p

The media reports on the main channels' evening journal start out with reactions from people in Brussels saying this is "outrageous, scandalous, how dare they!" Woobadjooga!

Even the politicians are enraged, "there will be sanctions!" You know why? This is their argument:
"What isn't allowed on the street, isn't allowed on television!"
Holy shit! I wonder WHEN THE TRIALS AGAINST EVERY MAJOR MEDIA OUTLET WILL START?! Another pretty fucking ridiculous event in the demonization of a culture.

The woman was merely an admirer of the culture and had a wonderful picture hanging in her living room which was shown too of a woman in muslim dress (couldn't find it online though I've seen it before). What they mean by not allowed on the street is you have to be able to identify everybody or it could be potentially dangerous, yes cause muslim women are known to bring the ruckus :p. It's a controversial topic & it was handled as any controversial topic is usually handled by the mainstream media, ridiculously and more forming than informing.

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