Friday, June 13, 2008

Ireland rejects EU reform treaty

BBC article here: On Belgian TV two former political journalists turned politicians (lol, hello?!) laughed at how they'd even use a referendum for this as it'll never get passed like that. Not a single country's population has approved the European constitution as every vote turned out a NO, but something in my gut tells me the politicians won't be too bothered with that and just go through with it regardless because more than half of the 27 member countries have already approved it without giving a damn about their citizens. I wonder about the excuse or reasons they'll come up with, I can't get my hopes up too high cause they don't use too much effort anymore to disguise the fascism, people will swallow anything they get thrown at them anyway apparently, I mean look at that Irish percentage, shit that's worrysome. Apparently even the current economic situation isn't even a reason to distrust European politics. Btw rather peculiar that a European constitution is being pushed while the American one is being destroyed :p Also check Atlantean Times' great post Ireland votes NO to European Bullshit.
In more fascist news, insurance companies in Belgium will be using a new system to calculate how much they will steal from their customers by using a BLACK BOX in the car that will keep records of ALL movements. Yeah try putting that in my car, see how that goes. The shamelesness...

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