Thursday, June 19, 2008

Polling BS

According to this this flemish article a European poll was done and 57% of 15 year old flemish girls are on the pil. Let's not blame the RNB non-stop slutfest on the 'music channels' which is the primary source of education for these entities. Flemish girls come in 2nd after, you guessed it, the dutch. One scientist said: "As history could be ending in 2012, it is natural the younger generation who won't grow up to be that old is trying to 'get some' while they still can." 51% of flemish 15 year old girls thinks they're too fat, obviously, most of those are white. Politicians are asking for an increase in big-booty appreciation lyrics converting wiggas to start appreciating some more meat. 20% of 15yo girls are on a diet, if Kanye acts quickly with another 'flashing lights'-like video that number could be reduced fast. This will hopefully lead to an increase in sales involving sugar which could boost the economy. One hip hop 'artist' who wished to remain anonymous commented: "I want to see the girls with more ass than the models, I don't even know how them designer clothes don't fall off from them on the catwalk, are these fabrics glued to them?"

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