Saturday, June 7, 2008


elluminati: This is what being forced to work in a cubicle does to people.

De-evolution. Instead of people running away, more people come in. They try to stay safe, yet they can't stop watching.

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I am also sad to inform you that even Douglass Rushkoff has fallen for the Obama-Maya. Incredible... Can you imagine the amount of bullshit we'll have to swallow in the media when "change you can believe in" is the slogan behind fascism, killing & all the other hobbies of the authorities.


Figgs said...

wow they just stand around and watch probably cuz its the most interesting thing to happen in their lives in years. Working in a cubicle like that would make me have that reaction after 3 hours lol. I'm pathetic. I can't even get a job for summer because I'm so used to asking for nothing. Except of course the internet and the gym.

Kakulja Evan said...

OH NO! Not Rushkoff! WTF!?!?!

dedroidify said...

lol figgz those are such inhuman working conditions, and they are filmed too :p

That's one huge WTF!?!?! eh evan, I mean come on.

Anonymous said...

this man is geronimo reincarnated

Anonymous said...

the spirit of geronimo lives!