Saturday, July 19, 2008

Robert Anton Wilson: "Conspiracies and TSOG" podcast

Two great interviews with RAW at Psychedelic Salon, the first is from "Everything is under control" which you may have seen on video, the second is a quite recent one about his book TSOG (Tsarist Occupational Government) I hadn't heard before, he talks about belief systems, politics and conspiracies. The podcast ends with an interesting critique of Terence McKenna's view of the feminin, though I don't necessarily agree completely. The podcast also talks about a Leary talk where he exchanges thoughts with RAW who's in the audience, don't know which one it is yet but will definitely check it out and post it later. Here are some great RAW quotes:

"Most people are living in a world they can’t understand. And when people can’t understand something they tend to go for sinister explanations of it."

Robert Anton Wilson (Bob)"I prefer to think that, at minimum, there are about 24 conspiracies afoot. . . . I cannot find any proof of any conspiracy that really existed, that was brought into court and convicted, that lasted more than ten years before everybody double-crossed everybody else, and the conspiracy fell apart."

"He [John von Newman] realized that most of our perceptions are in the ‘maybe’ mode. They’re not yes or no, they’re not true or false, they’re just ‘maybes’. I think ‘maybe logic’ is probably the greatest invention of the 20th century."

"I regard religion and patriotism as the two major mental illnesses afflicting this planet."

"The CIA/Tsarist/Nazi Alliance began to me to seem more and more the key to everything that’s been crazy and bizarre and incomprehensible about American foreign policy in the last fifty years. I think the central thinking of the ruling class of the United States is basically within the Tsarist paradigm."

"Patriotism is loyalty to a gene pool."

"I would say faith is the chief fomenter of war in the whole history of the world. Even in comparatively secular societies it becomes an article of faith that the government is justified. The other side is all wrong. We’re all right. And nobody’s supposed to think about the question at all. That becomes despicable. I believe we should think about the despicable."

"It absolutely stops thinking entirely if you’ve got enough faith."

"‘Faith is believing what you know aint so’. That’s why they put lightening rods on their churches."

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