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Batman = Dracula (= Everybody else)

Added on 26/09/2013 - from Batman Year One "to make a man dress like Dracula"

I recently saw the animated movie The Batman VS Dracula (I think the last feature length animation before Batman: Gotham Knight). The Batman is Dracula. Well obviously, Dracula by Bram Stoker could have been inspired by Vlad the Impaler aka Vlad Tepes aka Vlad Dracula.

As seen in my Dark Knight review, Batman and Bruce Wayne, resonate Bush, said even a right wing aussie journalist, and thus resonate the Illuminati as well.
update: And this author, writes the same. Both authors first names are Andrew, and it's public now, Batman is Bush lol.

Bush is a descendent of Vlad the Impaler. In the 33rd episode of the original series (did you know that show featured a villain called the bookworm? wtf :p) we find out Bruce Wayne's great grandfather founded Skull & bones. Of course Bush not only resonates Batman, but he's also a Two Faced politician, and a Joker... A synchromystic stew that shows us the many sides of the same coin.

I'll just highlight a few interesting syncs in this animated movie.

When Dracula (who has been transported from Transylvania to Gotham and awakened there) finds out about the Batman he is intrigued:
"My legacy has been quite influential."

Of course, Dracula has to find his kind, his 'blood brothers' and goes to a Wayne Manor party.
"I will stake my claim amongst the gotham elite." Where Dracula introduces himself as Alucard, the mirror image (which is supposedly non-existent ;p) of Dracula.

Like in the anime and OVAs of Hellsing, where Alucard is the servant of 'good' in the form of the Hellsing agency and they fight against the Vatican and other evil, gotta love it.

The Penguin, OZwald Cobblepot (later in the movie he says "HERE'S OZZIE!") - another two-faced politician (Dick Cheney :p) and jester (umbrellas) in the Batman Universe, is Dracula's link to the mortal world and his protection while he sleeps, while both are looking at Vicky Vale on a tv screen he says to Dracula: "You like? It's a plasma screen, you know, as in blood."

Ah the Blood box, propaganda and wars you know, and simulations of sacrifice daily.
Dracula cares more about Vicky, "Even her name posesses a mysterious allure, Vale... (veil)" Interesting, Dracula is into syncs too.

Dracula says why he is superior to mortals to Batman: "speed, strength and immortality." We can tie these to the Illuminati, as the connections help to speed up the fulfillment of one's desires and careers, strength as in their collective (propaganda & military) defense & offense, and immortality in the history books.

Bruce is later bummed, because the media 'mistakes' The Batman being responsible for Dracula's doings: "The more the Batman tries to protect Gotham, the more Gotham fears him, as if he were the son of Dracula."
Interesting twist on the rising fascism, poor baby feels unappreciated, though he really is the 'son' (descendent) of Dracula.

In this animated Batman incarnation (The Batman), The Joker is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson (no longer Mark Hamill) and has dreadlocks - wtf! He 'died' earlier in the movie, again... I wonder how many times The Joker has died in comics, movies and cartoons together, no wonder of the bad mojo!

But is now back, again, from the watery grave he fell in and got electrocute din. He mentions he was "caught in fisherman's net", from the quantum sea of potential to Indra's net again.

Later though the Joker gets bitten by Dracula as he opens his casket, he becomes a vampire. And dies and gets reborn, again. Showing the interconnectedness of the Joker with Batman (Dracula) - or the Neo-Cons and Al Qaeda, aka all the Illuminati puppets - the false flag aspect - the failed "in-joke" of the intelligence community...

Penguin says while Joker is being bit: "breakfast in bed, (Ledger was found in his bed...) fresh squeezed."

Batman is later beating up the Joker, again: "Where's Dracula?!"
Joker: "I'm looking at him!" lol!

So the Joker may have turned into a vampire, but Batman later heals him with a serum, so reborn again, sheesh! Make up your damn mind!

The Joker was also held by Batman in a cage, interesting, that those who pose as the Order resonator keep the Chaos resonator in a cage to unleash when useful, Order out of Chaos, Problem Reaction Solution.

Bush not only resonates Batman, but obviously also The Joker, the funny man that he is... As seen in the pic above with Penguin Cheney, Catwoman Rice and Riddler Rumsfeld and here:

In this pic he's Batman again (notice W-Bat logo!), and we see his cousin and Skull and Bones brother Kerry posing as the other side again. The roles are interchangeable folks!

And Bush his wife with that million dollar plastic smile resonates the Joker too!
She and Hillary can make me lean towards the alien bodysnatcher theory sometimes :p

And what do I see on the web while exploring more syncs: "Bush isn't (just) batman, he's two-face." The Two Faced politician, obviously that works too! Ah! A huge synchromystic stew!
I thought the title Batman = Dracula = Joker = Two Face = Penguin = Bush = Obama = Osama would have been a bit much. But basically that's the point, and there's a crapload of names you can still add to that.

Two Faced people who want you to believe, want you to forget your reason for some reason.

At the end, "Vicky Vale, (the journalist) has become the news" says her collegue and asks her: "see any vampires, vicky?"
Vicky: "Just bats."


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