Monday, August 4, 2008

Daily Conspiracy: False Flag Operations

Terrorist Attacks False Flag Operations
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On 9/11 2001 in the US, 7/7 in London and 3/11 2004 in Madrid, terrorists supposedly attacked Western countries and citizens because they hate you - for your freedom... (I guess that's why politicians are setting up fascism...) BOTH on 9/11 and on 7/7 terrorist DRILLS were being performed. On 7/7 steel from the subway floor was rising upwards (how can a backpack do that?), the cameras were supposedly out of order, the Brazilian man that was shot was said to have run with wires sticking out his thick jacket, while he was actually executed on the subway itself in a light denim jacket without wires! Also authorities claimed ALL cameras in Big Brother London were MALFUNCTIONING during the entire 'attacks', this was later (obviously) found to be lies.
On 3/11 in Madrid the 2 suspects were police informant scapegoats and one of them was in possession of the private telephone number of the head of Spain’s Civil Guard bomb squad! There are also numerous controversies regarding the handling of the evidence and the preventability of the bombings.

On 9/11, The first two ever steel-frame buildings collapsed due to fire, followed by a third, building 7 - which wasn't even hit by a plane. The BBC reported its collapse... before it happened. Oops. Buildings 5 and 6, which were closer to the towers burned throughout but did not collapse. Larry Silverstein the WTC owner admitted in a weird freudian slip that there was such a loss of life, they made the decision to 'pull' the building. Which means to let it collapse via controlled demolition. Explosions can be seen during the collapse of the towers, now you might be asking how would explosives be planted there? Maybe during the numerous evacuations before 9/11 in all 3 buildings that collapsed. The World Trade Center Black Boxes were recovered, though officials perpetuate the lie that they weren't. On September 10, numerous politicians were warned not to air travel.
The Pentagon: the initial hole in the building was way too small for an airplane, there was no debris or bodies on the lawn. And despite the numerous security cameras only five blurry frames were released. The camera footage of a nearby gas station was confiscated immediately after impact. Donald Rumsfeld and a 9/11 commissioner have both had 'freudian slips' in which they said a missile hit the pentagon.
The wreckage in Pennsylvania was the smallest rubble of a crashed airplane ever, with no plane to be found. US Secretary of Defense at the time, Donald Rumsfeld, referenced Flight 93 during a talk once as "the plane they shot down over Pennsylvania." Oops. Eyewitness accounted that debris fell out of the sky like confetti and a small jet was sighted nearby just after the crash. 2 weak propaganda movies Flight 93 & United 93 were made to counter these...
On September 10th Donald Rumsfeld admitted the military couldn't account for 25% of it's expenses and at least 2.3 trillian dollars were missing.
Yet 9/11 was used to get even more money for the military.
Al Qaeda... if it even had a role in 9/11 is also a CIA creature - "the Phantom Menace."
BBC Documentary streaming video clip: the Power of Nightmares.
Why doesn't the Pentagon release footage of a plane hitting the building if they have so much of it? Instead of those 5 worthless frames? Also why did the Secret Service wait so long to give Bush the information on video if they were much sooner informed? Waiting 1h and 5 min after the first hi-jacking, 45 min after the FAA is aware of multiple errant airliners, 20 min after the first aircraft smashes into the WTC, 18 min after CNN started it's 9/11 programming

"Al-Qaeda is not an outside enemy... It's not a question of whether there was foreknowledge of the attacks. It has to do with the fact that Al-Qaeda is a creature of the CIA and has remained a creature of the CIA right up until the present."
Michel Chossudovsky, War and Globalization

9/11: Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings clip

More CoincidAnce
1) In October 2000, Government Simulates Exercises of a Boeing 757 hitting the Pentagon.
2) Charles Birlingame, Navy F4 pilot participates in this exercise.
3) Birlingame retires, gets a job flying commercial jet-liners.
4) Less than 12 months later, HIS flight allegedly crashes into the Pentagon!


angelo said...

I wonder if you know anything about Gladio and the stay behind armies. An interesting historical precedent. I was suprised when I came across a BCC documentary about it the other day because I had never heard of it before. But there is only a part of that documentary on youtube.

dedroidify said...

Hadn't heard about it yet, but googled it and read a bit on it. Quite interesting, they were in my country Belgium too. I'll have to dig in deeper in the near future, expect a post about some day ;p Thanks for the heads up.