Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mass Awakening? I'm busy.

WeAreCHANGE Ohio confronts Bill Maher on Impeachment & 9/11

I used to like this guy's show until I realised he was the O'Reilly of the left. Suddenly when it came to 9/11, this 'authority questioning rebel' suddenly became the equivalent of a retarded Fox News propaganda mongerer.
He never talks about the evidence, he always ridicules it. And best of all, to him "Bush and co couldn't have done it cause it required planning". Oh, cause the Iraq war is going bad? That's part of the fucking plan you idiot, are you supposed to be a political commentator? War is money making, if they really had 'mission accomplished' there'd be less money, what good would that be. 9/11 gave them the patriot act, the wars and the oil. Their near entire agenda has been fulfilled thanks to 9/11. Bill used to have snazzy quotes concerning impeachment of Bush, but now Bush is nearly out of office all he says is "kinda late isn't it." What a role model.
But don't worry, no need to fret that we live in a world where Faux Rebels go on stage and idiots who pretend to be free-thinkers cheer them on, I can bet you that all the confirmation bias and ignorance in the world, doesn't stop Maher from realising at times what a COLOSSAL COWARD he is.
The title alludes to this, listen to the crowd in this video, either boo'ing, laughing or getting angry. Typical circuit 2 belief-defense and circuit 4 social conformity. Unless everyone that appreciates freedom and truth over the other BS that's being peddled, starts shaping the world they want to see, there will never, ever be a mass awakening. Because I think that's what the mass awakening is, nobody sitting on their asses waiting anymore for someone else to fix it.
Granted, the WeAreChange people need to use their heads a little more, first rule of protesting: don't ruin someones time to replace it with your protest, how would you feel? Second rule: humor, the sixties and seventies activists were pranksters, have you seen a recent anti-war rally? These people are trying to bore each other into peace or something. Start reading Abbie Hoffman and go on from there.


Anonymous said...

Hey I just found this site, and since I don't watch a lot of American TV, this stuff about Maher really hadn't occurred to me before. But now I see him fit in to a bigger picture here. There are puppets on left and right in the media just like in politics. These guys are secretly (perhaps even unbeknownst to their own egos) working for the same cause: keeping the people in check, by pulling us in a zig-zag pattern, left-right-left-right, heading into the trap.
You can say that you support this or that side, but in reality you take it all in, and it gets stored back there in the subconscious no matter what side you say you choose. Both Bills are sheepherders. Trust no media person from now on. And be mindful of double agents even in the underground.

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