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The Oxford Murders

Time Tree Echos, Equilibrium, and The Obama AntiChrist? Pt.1

First check the scene from the Oxford Murders in the opening of this excellent Labyrinth of the Psychonaut video.

I'll just be highlighting some interesting things in the movie as an excuse to talk about some interesting stuff. I'm not gonna explain the movie so I assume you've seen it if you read this, cause I ruin the plot anyway lol. I kinda liked the movie.

Elijah Wood's character: I believe in the nr Phi. The Golden Section, the Fibonacci series, the essence of nature is mathematical, there is a hidden meaning beneath reality, things are organized following a model, a scheme, a logical series. Even a tiny snowflake includes a numerical basis in its structure. Therefore, if we manage to discover the secret meaning of numbers, we will know the secret meaning of reality.

Professor played by John Hurt: Impressive... We find ourselves faced with a fresh rousing defense of mathematics as if numbers were pre-existing ideas in reality. (As John Lilly would say, the question to ask is: Where does mathematics come from?) Anyway this is nothing new since man is incapable of reconciling mind and matter he tends to confer some kind of entity on ideas, because he cannot bare the notion that the purely abstract only exists in our brain. The beauty and harmony of a snowflake... How sweet. The butterfly that flutters its wings and causes a hurricane on the other side of the world. We've been hearing about that damn butterfly for decades but who has been able to predict a single hurricane? Nobody! [HAARP technology, weather manipulation anyone? ;)] Tell me something, where is the beauty and harmony in cancer, what makes a cell suddenly decide to turn itself into a killer metastasis and destroy the rest of the cells in a healthy body. Does anybody know? No. Because we'd rather think of snowflakes and butterflies, and the pain, war, all that book why, because we need to think that life has meaning, that everything is governed by logic and not by mere chance. If I write 2 then 4 then 6 then we feel good because we know that next comes 8, we can foresee it. We are not in the hands of destiny, unfortunately however, this has nothing to do with truth. Don't you agree? This is only fear. Sad... There you go. *applause*

Wow! Elijah Wood's character is pissed off after being crushed like that, mostly because Elijah's reality tunnel doesn't include much chance. Both men had valid points however. The divine ratio certainly helped me to understand that life isn't as meaningless as the materialist reality tunnel dictated. Later the professor and student meet again, Elijah apologizes: "I'm sorry about before" and the professor admits: "Oh don't apologize, I talk a lot of rubbish, I tend to overreact when I have an audience."

Interestingly in the murder questioning the police asks Elijah: "So it's pure coincidence."
"Everything seems to point to that being the case." he replies, ah so his character finds use for the concept anyway ;) hehe. I certainly have found that it definitely still has its uses.

Professor: I forgot I was talking to the champion of universal logic. You and the police think that it's possible to demonstrate the truth, on the basis of certain axioms and by using valid reasoning you can reach a valid conclusion isn't that so.
Elijah: As sure as today is Wednesday! (The Day of Wodan/Mercury!)
Professor: And what if I say "All Britons are liars." True, false or impossible to prove?
Elijah: Alright there are mathematical formulations that can neither be proved nor refuted started from axioms. Indeterminable propositions.
Professor: Exactly, Gödel's incompleteness theorem. So even in your world of mathematical purity, there are things that can never be proven.
Elijah: Yes, but that is not the case here
Professor: Well there is a gap, there is a gulf, between what is true and what is provable, we can never be sure of all the facts about a phenomenon...
Elijah: Come on it's 99% probable for fuck's sake!
Professor: That's not absolute certainty, that is an opinion!
Elijah: We could have absolute certainty if we trusted the word of an eye witness and we saw it with our own eyes. I trust my own eyes *falls*
Professor: No comment.

LOL. The conversation goes on for a while to a corny invoking of the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle.

Elijah's character adores professor Seldom despite all the differences though, I think it's only logical to love intelligent conversation! Even if you disagree the mere fact that you can carry on the conversation and dig deeper into the subject shows your intelligence. Most run away or start shouting to guard their beliefs. I found it very rare so far to find truly openminded people to be able to talk face to face to, with which the BS monster won't disrupt or destroy the conversation.

The movie has some funny quirks, Elijah goes to a hospital and sits in the waiting room next to a dude who says: "Everything you read in the paper's a lie! Did you know that? ... Jesus was a terrorist, all his life. Revolutionario(? :p) kicked money changers out of the temple. Jesus came back to life to avenge himself on his murderers like a horror movie."

The professor talks about Calman (or something like that), someone he knows that designed intelligence tests, who discovered when correcting the tests himself, that the majority of tests had a few mistakes, some of them were perfect, but there was a third group. The answers were absurd, incomprehensible, illogical, random, the sort of thing that a lunatic would write. Calman interviewed the pupils of this 3rd category, the answers that he considered absurd where in fact another possible solution and perfectly valid to continue the series only with an infinitely more complex justificiation, the intelligence of these peoples went beyond the conventional solution and was much more far reaching. It was then that I had to break the bad news to him.
Elijah: The Wittgenstein paradox, concerning finite rules.
Professor: Calman found in practice what Wittgenstein discovered decades before, the series 2 4 8 can be followed by 16 but also by 10 or 7004. It's always possible to find a rule or justification that allows a series to continue by any number, it all depends on how complicated the rule is. Suddenly he realised that he couldn't even trust his math. His whole life was being sucked into a whirlpool of meaningless numbers.

Calman tried his tests out on lobotomized patients, and there was a remarkable similarity in results. So in the end to be able to think like them, he lobotomized himself. Crazy man, I mean what about the people in the first 'third group', couldn't he have researched their thinking strategies (nlp) more? ;p

Professor: Now do you understand, any formulation is valid in the series, because we can always find a rule that justifies it. - About some symbol series system, the professor doesn't want to tell Elijah the next one. Why not he asks. -
Professor: If I tell you then you stop thinking. You might come up with a better idea than I!

At an hour in the movie, Seldom tells a fascinating murder mystery story about a crime, in which a diary was found that led to a woman being ecquitted for murdering her husband. Only later it was found the diary was in her handwriting, not her husband, she was a forgerer of art.

Some dude rants in the school: "To the mediocre of this world, to authority and stupidity!"

There's a masquerade celebration of Guy Fawkes day, on november fifth, obviously. Funny, as Hurt also played the bad guy in the Guy Fawkes inspired V for Vendetta ("I want everyone to remember why they need us!"). In this movie his character says about him...
Professor: Good old Guy Fawkes was ahead of his time, tried to blow up parliament, and the king, the lord and the whole bloody government inside. Since then, every november the fifth we've had this civilised celebration where we burn his image, though nowadays I'd be hard pushed to tell you wether it is to commemmorate his failure or his brilliant idea!

At 1.10 in the movie Elijah chases a possible murderer, look at those checkered floors and that checkered stargate, nice.

Followed by a spiral Phi staircase they climb, hilariously it's not a murderer but the rant dude from earlier who was planning a prank and somebody else gets killed.

Random insert:
"Reality is one big lie and the only thing that exists is a single unchanging god." Parmenides, ancient Greek standup comedian ;)

Later we learn some symbolism from the Pythagoreans:

One, the beginning of all things, perfection enclosed in itself. The circle.

Two. The fish? The Christian symbol Vesica piscis resembles it but this is earlier; it's simply two, the intersection of two circles, the symbol of opposites, duality, the war between good and evil.

Three. The Triad. The synthesis of opposites, peace after war.

Four. The tetractys, the quaternary. One plus two plus three plus four = Ten. Totality. The Demi-Urge. It was their divine number.

1 ,2, 3, 4. That simple? Any enigma is easy once you know the answer.

Professor Seldom in a museum: "We have an absolute truth! Everything is fake. Outside of these walls nobody is sure of anything."

At the end of the movie Elijah learns that he was the butterfly that caused the hurricane on the other side of the world. His words triggered the murders, and his character was an American in Oxford. Though that's a rather downer ending.
I'd like to end instead with Leary's metaphor of the butterfly as the one who becomes aware of his consciousness and potential, as opposed by the caterpillar stuck in his belief system and limited reality tunnel. All truth seekers are butterflies with the power of causing positive hurricanes in the world, if they only realize it. So why not do that ;).


Michael Skaggs said...

Wow this is so bizarre! I will have to re-read this again!

Great stuff.

cosmicalphabet said...

I really like the way you hit on the Elijah/prophet concept in modern film mythology. Nice find too with this film. In a fractal universe, I guess everything really comes back to the endless simple truth of 1,2,3,4.