Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 The Day World Consciousness Changed

9/11 and the Global Consciousness Project (GCP)

"The emotional focus of millions of people on a single event like 9/11 may form a global consciousness." Global Cosnciousness Project
So, a ritual to induce a paranoid fear of muslim terrorists or a masonic stargate ritual, or both?
From Esoteric Agenda: Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing happened on April 19th: a Pagan holiday where human sacrifice is made by fire. 9/11 happened on the Mayan Date of 6 Emochs: representing Large Scale Change. The Afghanistan attack started on the Mayan Date of 6k: representing Balancing...

Here is 9/11 Truth Protest footage from Brussels 2 years ago to show that the international community supports the American people in their quest for truth and justice.

9/11 Truth: Demonstration in Brussels, Belgium (Sep 2007)

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