Saturday, September 13, 2008

Camera Shy Big Brother

Camera Shy Big Brother

How can you have a police officer that doesn't even speak the language fluently, and what is up with the directions cops are getting in the Western world? And then the second pair of cops don't even know the law and don't identify themselves upon request.


Auberon Barnable said...

This is brilliant. Citizens should buy video cameras and carry them with them in public areas just to keep the "law" in line.

dedroidify said...

Exactly. Little Brother!

Muddy said...

I visited England in July-August and was shocked to see all the video cameras everywhere even in the northern town of Ulverston. I suppose that with the current political climate in the US and its buddy the UK, I shouldn't have been so surprised, but it really is scary.

Thuth said...

While I looove this. I do have to say, you have to be careful when you mess with cops.

I had a roommate thrown against a Circle K wall by Office Reich (no shit) of the Austin Police Department in 1992 just for the suspicion of us filming them. Which we were not doing by the way. We filed a police report against them and someone broke into my apartment and stole the videocamera the next day.

So rock out and carry your camera with you all the time - not just for cops, but also UFOs - but be careful. Cops will mess you up with little recourse.

Fuck the Police.