Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jake Kotze: Starmummy, Mystical Nrs & Scarlet Dragon


An excellent new synchromystic video collaboration between Jake Kotze and Jim Sanders from Nosis. Featuring 9/11, 11:11, 2K, the Galactic Center, & more. Starring Robin Tunney as Isis.

Rob Bryanton: Jake Kotze And Mystical Numbers

Rob Bryanton from Imagining the 10th dimension talks about Jake's work, Kabbalah, numerology, synchronicity and more, and finishes with a funky piano song called Blind Faith.

And check out Scarlet Dragon, the latest huge post at the Blob!

The 9/11 Coincidence Mountain Megapost has been updated too


Benjamin Singleton said...

Good stuff. I'd conclude that Robin Tunney is mind controlled from all that [that's probably my high level bs though :p]; doesn't help that they ended it with Mind Controlled Mariah Carey playing, and those synchs are predominantly the work of the insane fuckers who run Hollywood, and are very consciously put in; in my opinion.

Always amazed at how much info you put out on so many different topics, keep it up!

dedroidify said...

It's possible Robin has her handlers, though it's probably better investigating first before concluding ;p At first glance she has a car salesman father and a bartender mother, so that's not too indicative yet.

Who knows where the hidden agendas, coincidences and synchronicities begin & end.

Confirmation bias is a tricky thing, what the thinker thinks the prover proves and all.
Though you do fascinating work man and it's amazing how you show us so much possible deconstruction of media. Keep it up man, and thanks.

(about high level bs, as long as it's open & not rigid & emotional, all opinions are very welcome, should change that disclaimer ;p)