Monday, September 1, 2008

To Punish & Enslave (the stormtroopers serve their Bosses)

This is the police car from the recent movie Transformers, it's one of the bad guys and instead of "To Serve and Protect" it reads " To Punish and Enslave."
This tidbit has no basis in reality and is just part of a movie, and we all know the movie industry isn't a form of propaganda.
If you really wanna believe such nonsense ;-p you must have taken a wrong turn to end up here hehe.

Check out this post at Hidden Dakini about the following mess, had to repost the vids:

RNC Eve: Police Confiscate Urine, Feces, Paint, Old Tires

We will take all your shit. Because you might be MacGuyver.

Peace Protesters Raided At RNC in Minneapolis

Not organizers but just protesters.

RNC Eve: Police Seize Sustainable Living Bus

"I asked for the basis of the traffic stop. They said I would have to call the Minneapolis police dept to find out the basis for the stop." (Which is obviously normal, let me rephrase what "they" said for you: "We have no fucking idea what we're doing here. But we're kicking ass and protecting our bosses.")

Police: "Well we're all kind of working together here."
That doesn't sound like a conspiracy at all! Nevermind jurisdiction, the law, or anything.

"Why am I being detained?"
police: "We'll tell you later." (Then I'll cooperate later. Oh right that's not a choice, try to keep in mind how free you are while reading this.)

You know what I wonder about, I mean we already know you can't be too smart to be a cop as Moore showed us, but how complacent are these people Americans call their police forces? Are they all monarch mind controlled? Seems a little unlikely don't it? Or are they just dumbed down, on a power trip and love their government, I mean country, no I really mean authority figure. Then there's the question of the amount of Masonic police forces and how much they're in the know of what they're actually doing (obviously not the big picture, but you might understand how a police officer might not mind a police state very much).

* Did you know that me and my buddies are rather shocked when watching COPS or any of the other American sensationalist shit shows involving "law" enforcement, usually including the word "extreme" in the title at the police's methods and brutality.
Ignoring "entrapment" which is illegal here and questionable everywhere, let's just check a few examples:
* There's a guy in cuffs, against the car. But that isn't good enough, so they need to tackle him with 4 guys and tase him while he's on the floor and unable to move. With at least 3 officers staying on top, probably humping him. Shit how manly does that make you feel? Do you need lipstick with that?

* Another instance. There is a domestic disturbance, the man is outside on his lawn, police are closing in, the commentator: "the man does not see the officer inside the police car next to him" and the fucking police car rams the guy letting him fly over the car onto his lawn, stumbling up, getting tackled down. The wife: "Thank God for that police officer who saved my husband's life, things could have gotten a lot worse." Hilarious uncomprehensible laughter ensued on my couch. Did we just enter a parallel universe? What did they thell that woman before filming that? Standard police procedure to neutralize someone: ram them with a car.

Here's a possible reason why the American police force has become this fascist stormtrooper horror story: It's been on TV for years, people begin to think it's normal. I'd love to know how many angry viewer letters COPS has gotten... I don't think it's normal if I've never seen a cop perform a truly respectable, understandable arrest of a suspected criminal on that show. I mean shit! What footage gets rejected by this program?
Reno 911's cops look smarter than the ones they're parodying. The Belgian and Dutch cop shows have their hilarious and retarded moments as well (I remember one instance of a patrol leaving a domestic disturbance where it was so obvious the man was gonna hit that woman the moment the door closed), but at least you see some decent arrests and behaviour too.

* Apparently the people on the bus in that last video made the mistake of not conforming to society, buying a house, getting a mindnumbing job, paying taxes and shutting up.

* Speaking of housing, did you know that we over here in Europe were shocked to find out that so many Americans lived in wooden housing. I mean, America... wooden housing. And sombunall Americans laugh at the Middle East for not being civilized lol? (sorry kids, could not resist) America is so advanced and billions of dollars go missing in "defense" budgets, would you call a brick house - defense? I would.

Fema Camps link: I wouldn't travel the to the US or UK anymore (though I have been to both twice each before the year 2000), just like I wouldn't travel to Germany or Italy in the 30s & 40s.

The word is about, there's something evolving,
whatever may come, the world keeps revolving
They say the next big thing is here,
that the revolution's near,
but to me it seems quite clear
that it's all just a little bit of history repeating

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