Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Cops Hate You (by a lovely police officer)

I stumbled on this website by a retired cop, it had a page in the 'funny' section, that illustrates how a cop can feel about his work. People in all professions have such rants, and yes a lot of 'civilians' think the police is there to 'serve' them a little too much, but holy shit, I still found this rather disturbing.

this: Why Cops Hate You (If you have to ask get out of the way)
"Have you ever been stopped by a traffic cop and, while he was writing a ticket or giving you a warning, you got the feeling he would just love to yank you out of the car, right through the window, and smash your face into the front fender? Have you ever had a noisy little spat with someone, and a cop cruising by calls, everything all right over there? Did you maybe sense that he really hoped everything was not all right, that he wanted one of you to answer, No, officer, this idiot’s bothering me? That all he was looking for was an excuse to launch himself from the cruiser and play a drum solo on your skull with his nightstick?"

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JM said...

Cops also bust you for the adrenalin rush and approval of their colleagues.

Google 'Barry Cooper Never Get Busted', an ex-Texas narcotics cop who now produces videos telling soft drug users how to avoid detection by the same people he used to be proud to work for, but has now done a complete about-face turn on his attitude the hypocritical and profitable War On (Some) Drugs.