Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zeitgeist: Addendum

Zeitgeist: Addendum

What is it about: Money, the problem & the solution.
The 1st hour: The Problem = Money is debt
The 2nd hour: The Solution = Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project. Want to know more about Jacque Fresco: check out the documentary Future By Design (t-link).

"I have no notions of a perfect society, I don't know what that means. I know we can do much better than what we've got, I'm no utopian, I'm not a humanist that would like to see everybody living in warmth and harmony: I know that if we don't live that way, we'll kill each other and destroy the Earth." Jacque Fresco

Ha, I was thinking about finally posting something about the economic bullshit and include Jacque Fresco's ideas today, then Zeitgeist Addendum is released! They really did well, including belief systems obviously pleases me (my own catma 'bs') tremendously ;p.

In Belgium the government will bail out 2 banks as well, Fortis received 5 Billion Euro, next in line is Dexia. The prime minister (who used to be a GOAT herder and doesn't even have an operational government as they can't form one because of Flemish/Walloon jurisdiction bullshit) said this literally translated from press source Belga: "The Belgian attitude is internationally embedded and focused to do everything to guarantee the interests of savers and insure the continuity of the corporations." And the press release added Dexia will be bailed out with a debt-operation as well.

Reality Tunnel disclaimer:
Possibly sombunall religious & materialist conspiracy reality tunnels (...) might have a misguided issue with Krishnamurti (Oeh Theosophy the evil NWO "religion"... according to Christians only though - whose only One World religion is Christianity... I don't like the abstract Krishnamurti too much either - different teachers for different people - though the quotes used are excellent and he was more than self-reliant enough to break from Theosophy.
Fresco specifically mentions his objections to religion. The Christian Conspiracy Theory of a NWO religion involves Theosophy though this would be through the U.N. - obviously this docu does not support religion, a new religion or the U.N. - The Documentary even uses atheist favorite George Carlin to express practical interconnectedness!

And possibly some conspiracy reality tunnels may have an issue with the name Venus project. (Which possibly symbolically can allude to Lucifer, oeh! Seriously no other name could have been chosen? ;p Again who takes reality seriously anymore lol. It's for the city Venus the project is based in.)

If you watch the documentary completely and catch the spirit of it - which is evolving beyond belief and other systems - those details don't disturb me that much (they do a little though and keep me and hopefully others on their toes). That being said, always keep questioning - especially if the Venus project is implemented (first order of business, rename to Earth project? :p), then it is really time to start paying attention that this is not a window to a negative NWO and we get screwed again. Though let's face it, you think it's gonna happen? Let's make it happen.

update: Christian and Capitalist Conspiracy Theorists are totally losing it and spreading so much BS about this documentary and Jacque Fresco, I counter most of it here.


aferrismoon said...

A couple of weeks ago I got a job teaching at Fortis Leasing [ I 'teach' English]. Cheers

dedroidify said...

Excellent timing ;p Teh evil hehe. Been there myself (working for huge multiheaded monstercorporations ;p)


imagicalgreek said...

Thanks for drawing attention to this video. I probably wouldn't have seen it if you hadn't. It presents some very important ideas, many of which have been on my mind for some time now, and some that I've been trying to explain to others, such as how money is a fiction, that it is created out of nothing, and operates on 'faith'. (Also how 'al Quaeda' probably just means 'we don't exist' in Arabic, lol, and was 'created' by the CIA.) This explains things better in some ways than I've been able to, and is a good ground to work from.

I do have one question, however, and it seems to be a glaring omission. Who or what/how would the resource allocation be determined in a resource 'economy'?

I know you can't answer that, but in the face of such utopian dreams, it seems important to mention, though I currently agree with much, though not all, that was said.

BTW, you're right. The Earth Project would be a better name.

Cheers, and be well.

dedroidify said...

Hi Imagicalgreek

Thanks for your commenting, the ommission is explained in Future By Design documentary which I provided the torrent link for, perhaps it is in one of the clips too.

The idea would be to create a sort of internet, with total transparacy and where for instance in each capitol or so there'd be a holographic projection of a globe and information can be pulled up on each resource.

In the beginning this could be done through TRANSPARANT data analysis, first we need to inventory all resources.

Obviously none of the people who are in government now should be allowed near this project.

Though please don't judge this concept by my communication of it. I have not finished Fresco's book yet. Also remember that everything Fresco suggests can be ammended, updated, etc as the man is not one to cling to ideas but move beyond them.

Hope this helped


imagicalgreek said...

Forgot to mention, "For Us the Living", Heinlein's first book, which wasn't published until after his death, outlines some very important points about monetary systems and suggests some very novel ways a utopian society that eliminates slavery and provides for all citizens in a truly free society could be accomplished. It was originally written in the '30s, I believe. (A friend borrowed it and hasn't returned it, so I don't have it on hand to check right now.) One of the other things that is amazing about that book is the technology that's presented. Read it, and there's no doubt that technology has been suppressed in order to favor false 'profits' for a very few...Though presented as a fiction, it is really a set of economic lectures. Too much sex slipped in the narrative (Heinlein was an early advocate of 'free love'), though, seems to be the reason it was never published in its day. I highly recommend it...

imagicalgreek said...

Like ships in the night...(which it is here)...Thanks for the further info, will check it out.

dedroidify said...

Hey sorry I forgot to add that A.I. would be used too, as that would be more objective than humans in charge of it. Though obviously we need to be careful with A.I. and I think TRANSPARENT (I have to put this in caps ;p) human supervision ought to be in place too.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely check out that Heinlein book, haven't read him before but know of him.

Nearly 11 in the morning here, and sleepy ;p


imagicalgreek said...

'For Us the Living' is very different than his later stuff, though I've not read it all. I think I read that its rejection depressed him, and when he got back into writing, he decided to take another tact. 'Starship Troopers' is obviously his most famous, but it's not like the movie, except for the violence factor, which has its purpose in the book. But one couldn't expect Hollywood to actually produce a movie that makes people think about what makes a responsible 'citizen', now could one? ;) But most Heinlein fans probably wouldn't like 'For Us the Living''s that different.

Interesting about the AI, and I also agree that TRANSPARENT human oversight is needed and current gov't folks need to be kept out of the decision-making process, at least 99% of them. And the remaining 1% would probably understand why they need to be excluded. (I'm a local reporter/editor, one of the ones who actually knows what we're supposed to do--be the public's watchdog and objectively as possible report what's going on so people can make up their own minds. And out of work, since I'm not very good at being a slave, lol, and have an 'unfortunate' tendency to tell large corps to F themselves when they try to subvert the process of information dispersal...But I've gotten to talk with government folks more than the average person. Usually local city council types, but also Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell, state reps and once [now former] HUD director Alphonso Jackson, later of Katrina fame--a true scum, BTW. So I think I know something about how screwed up they are and the system is.)

I did think though, that the video seemed to forget a bit about why humans are important at the same time that it wants to provide for all. Automation is great, but when it screws up or needs maintenance or new design, one still needs humans. Who aren't perfect and do often try to gain power/wealth/prestige at the expense of others. The more people who have oversight (and the 'more' should be very diverse), the less likely corruption is...Various viewpoints and interests (and Fresco's ideas cannot eliminate them, I'm thinking) in an inherently noncorrupt system could balance each other, I think. (Technicians, scientists, artists, teachers, etc. might all be working for the good, but might also have slightly different ideas of what is best or important...) In a techno advanced society, where the citizens are better educated in more areas, a true democracy might actually be possible, too. In a TRANSPARENT techno system, instant voting is not only possible, it seems very feasible. AI could even help with that too...

At least Fresco admitted the system proposed wasn't perfect, just potentially better than what we're currently working with. I'll be looking into him some more.

Almost 6 am here in eastern Pennsylvania...Not sure how it happened, but I seem to have become a very nocturnal creature lately...Soon the sun will 'rise' (or more correctly, my local part of starship Earth will rotate towards the sun), even as the stocks fall. From all the screaming on this side of the Atlantic, you'd think the stocks were more important than the sun...or real people, for that matter...

Peace to you too...

dedroidify said...

I look forward to reading it, ah yes Starship Troopers, I'm sure the book is infinitely better though I have to say I love the sarcasm in that movie. And there's not many people who understand it to my big "shock" hehe. "Do you want to know more?" ;p

lol not good at being a slave eh, I'm 4 years unemployed LOL :p Hack the system if it doesn't please you, I've gotten quite good at it, though I need to get off my ass now.

Yes about the system it will not be a quick or easy transition. First of all, every single human being needs to be deprogrammed from their belief system and re-educated (and the dangers thereof... - but also this could be done efficiently if we suddenly use the outlets that are now used to brainwash the population.), so the scientific, technical, artistic or educational bias is not so emphasized anymore.

Also, the human emphasis is better in the Future By Design docu (you have to admit, it's not easy to think of everything and put it in a documentary, I know it's not easy in a simple blogpost, and now I'm writing a book it seems near impossible lol...) but the human emphasis is this and the docu will show that: living in harmony with nature, being able to learn whatever you want, and being rewarded for your creativity and what you provide, and freedom to live move learn, etc. I really can't explain it in words you have to see Future By Design it's awesome ;p.

I agree with your thought on democracy, though I'm talking about a TRANSPARENT (;p) Direct Democracy then (after serious deprogramming and reschooling of the population), and absolutely not the Representative Democracy that has plagued this world.

I just went to the bank to get my new card, it had a new sign "Even in times of financial unstability, your investments are safe with us", huge balls! ;p


imagicalgreek said...

Nice to know you've survived that long being 'unemployed' (seems to me with the job you do on the blog, you are employed, even if not paid...) Been just over a year for me, with one unrelated temp job in the middle. US unemployment benefits last only six months, with the current possibility of a 13 week extension, if one qualifies, which I'm seriously hoping I do--otherwise they just let you starve and/or go homeless...unless you grovel a lot and they deem you 'worthless' enough to qualify for welfare, which I wouldn't qualify for, since owning a 21 year old car is enough to make one 'rich' enough not to qualify...but without which I wouldn't likely be able to make a living, assuming I'm offered suitable employment. So let's hope it works out. Currently working on a local news website, which might be able to pay the bills...My first choice anyway, since I'd rather work for myself.

I ALWAYS want to know more. I've even been told it's one of my more annoying qualities, lol. ;p

Will definitely check out Future by Design, it sounds quite interesting with potential to be amazing. Glad to hear the human aspect is better represented there too.

Yah, deprogramming/reeducation (or any education) will definitely be necessary, even in those that currently think they are openminded...Don't know about Belgium, but US is pretty scary. One of my best friends is currently screaming for blood over the financial meltdown, and nothing I say will make him see reason, that the system needs changing, not that the nearest version of those he deems 'the Masters' need to die bloodily, nor that giving those people (using the term loosely) a capital M only give them more power over him and his thoughts. He doesn't even have stocks or savings, doesn't see it as a global issue, it's all about the US. Not making choices to unplug from the system, nor subverting it.

Most don't even know or won't consider the possibility that they are slaves, others just don't understand what constitutes one, and continue to act like slaves even when they work for themselves. (like my buddy, who's acting more like a slave, but also just accuses me of being one. I think he just wants to feel like he's got company, lol, while he complains no ones taking care of him.) Also a lot of the 'blame someone else' mentality, never for a second considering or doing the 'act locally' part of the 'think globally' principle.

I've personally spent a bunch of time learning what I want, that's quite possible here if one is diligent, even if funding isn't available. But most don't, because it isn't rewarded monetarily if you don't get the degree. And if you don't have the funding, you don't get the degree. Hence, I often say something and get challenged on it, but when it turns out to be true (or seems so), then I get "How did you know that?" There needs to be some social reward for being 'smart' instead of the opposite being true...

..."though I'm talking about a TRANSPARENT (;p) Direct Democracy then"
--me too, though I don't think I made that clear. Representative democracy is a republic, which is what we have in the US, though it doesn't seem very representative to me, unless you count horrified silence and fear as assent...

From what you're saying about Future by Design, I've got to wonder if the authors were at all influenced by "For Us the Living"--it sounds similar in concept anyway...

And yes, your bank does have balls, but at least they warned you! I take such 'signs' to always read the opposite. Sounds like your bank is a bit scared...Checked with mine, which is a locally based one you've never heard of, and they seem to think they're okay--they don't write many mortgages. Score one for keeping one's tiny account local.

I'm kind of reminded of what a Soviet ex-pat once said during the Cold War when asked why the Russian people still watched the news when they knew it was skewed and censored. The answer? 'It's what they didn't say that told us what was going on...'

Which might be good advice to follow right now. Have tried to warn some folks that they need to keep their pantries stocked, especially with nonperishables and canned stuff. No one's listening, even when I mentioned I'd seen news articles from Europe advising of possible food shortages and major inflation. No one's listening, they tell me it can't happen here...Even with the words 'October surprise' openly being bantered around the US news. Downright stupid, considering the US isn't growing enough to feed ourselves anymore and it has to be trucked long distance everywhere...

It's going to be an interesting month, I think, and perhaps getting more so...

I'm probably rambling now, so I'll leave it at that for now.

Peace to you too.

dedroidify said...

Hehe yeah sometimes it feels that way. That's why I had to put it on sporadic so I could take a break once and a while, especially now I'm actually trying to create something. This didn't start voluntarily though, first my spirit & ambition had to be crushed by a major (american) company, which was together with a few other disasters the catalyst for my awakening. Then I was too busy with interesting stuff to be bothered with the rat race silliness ;)

Haha, "do you want to know more" is from the starship troopers movie to be clear ;p they say it after each propaganda msg. But yeah I share it haha.

Yeah do it, it's my favorite documentary and even all my 'sleepy' friends LOVED it. So that says a lot.

I think - and the most of respect to all the Americans - the US is one, if not thé country in the Western world most in need for deprogramming, especially with the Christian and patriotic BS still so ingrained. (that is so dead here, then again, so might our country be soon, they're talking of splitting up - by which I mean, the propaganda has started - our current leading party is the Christian Democrats but they have nothing to do with Christianity really, just a remnant of the past - if you talked about your faith in God it would get you ridiculed here, what a contrast)

But politically it's all bullshit here too, we don't have 2 parties but a shitload of them, and not a single one is worth a thing - except for the latest one, which may be just another shill, time will tell. Our current and last prime ministers are US puppets btw.

That's what bothers me too, the concern with self and not with the rest of the world. We're all in this together dammit.

Same here about the learning, and the same about having no "receipts" diplomas to "prove" it, how about letting people prove themselves but noooo...

Ha, Excellent point from the Soviet. Yeah advertising is not information but pure deception.

Indeed, what emboldens the conspiracy researcher's view of the world affairs IS the mainstream media. How full of shit can you be? American news is really low, from either outlet I found, I mean it's just shocking how bad it is.
We have 2 major channels and here we still have a certain 'standard' though that's not saying much, but obviously nothing "newsworthy" (iykwim) slips out and what really is suspcious is that the entire Western Mainstream Media ignores everything in the alt. media.

Ah the economy, crazy post coming up ;p

We shall see what happens said the blind man!

Really enjoyed this exchange


imagicalgreek said...

Yah, I seem to remember that about the Starship Troopers movie--they updated the story to appease the 'modern' viewer. Though propaganda definitely has its place in the book, if I remember correctly. It's been a while since I read it.

Funny how disaster changes one's perspective. I was already pretty awake when my string happened a few years ago (involving fire, death, destruction and a little bit of violence, just to keep it interesting, I suppose) but it sped up the evolution some, even if it nearly killed me.

The US has changed a bunch in the last 30 years. Just watched Close Encounters the other night on Hulu, and I ended up spending more time looking at the social background that no longer even seems real--most people have forgotten how it was, when we still had rights or the expectation of such. Older folks know what's going on, but can one expect 60 and 70 year olds to take to the streets and protest? The kids don't even know about 'rights', they're completely in the dark. And my generation went straight to yuppiedom, and started training for that crap in high school. Money was the word of the day.

Heaven forbid one says one word about the loony evangelicals, who are a very small but loud minority, though they puff up to look big. 'Faith' is a great way here to deflect any real criticism (not to mention a great way to hide pedophilia and child abuse). Try it, and you're Satan incarnate. Though Jesus himself would probably spit on those folks, and wonder why he bothered to 'save' anyone, that's WJ(W)D, lol. (BTW, I'm not much of a 'believer' if you can't tell.)

So I've got to agree. The US is probably in the most need of deprogramming and education, and will be the hardest to reach. Seriously, being 'smart', even among the 'educated' is just not popular and can even be occasionally dangerous, if you're among serious hicks in the hinterland. Herd mentality is being pushed hard, especially by TV mentality, which is predominant. And run by only about four companies, though they make it look like many more. Few folks ever believe me when I explain that 90+% of the newspapers are owned by two companies (Tribune and Newhouse), who also are partially owned by the four who run TV. And all have their hands in oil and other big corps. Even though I'm in the biz. Step outside their comfortable paradigm by an inch, and you're a conspiracy nut. Not a lot of skepticism, they eat what they're sold, and enjoy it, thinking all the while they are free. Most spend more time watching TV than sleeping, literally. In other words, programmed and brainwashed, through and through. We're literally being entertained to death, IMO. (Though occasionally, just occasionally, you'll find that thread of people that is truly hungry for real info and tired of the BS. Curiously, they are usually bluecollar or farm folks with not a lot of 'education' or money, but do have a lot of 'old school' sense.)

The US actually does have more than two political parties, but no others have any real power. The third largest is the Libertarians, who want to reduce the federal government's power and throw the authority back to the individual states, the way our Constitution was written and the way it was before the Civil War (which was not really about slavery, but banks and a central currency--slavery was an afterthought, all you have to do is read Lincoln's writings to know that. But try to tell anyone that. Even armed with the footnotes, you're likely to get tarred and feathered by your second sentence). Ron Paul was a Libertarian candidate in his first run for the presidency and most of his ideas are essentially Libertarian. I like the hands-off approach, but not likely that they will get into power any time soon. Green party has been making some inroads, but they are a disorganized mess, and usually come up with loony, non-viable candidates, if they come up with any at all, though a few have gotten through locally, even if they are not very Green. Others, Constitution, Patriot, etc. have little folowing, thankfully, since they usually include some truly crazy sh*t, like white supremacy or some religious crap. (The only good thing about all those religious people is they can't actually agree on anything, so few really want the government to get into religion in any meaningful way. We've even got a bunch of religious people that have formed non-denominational activist groups to try to KEEP church and state separate. The evangelicals and Bushies scare even them.) But only the 'Demipubs' and 'Republicrats' actually get federal $ to run the show. Not the way the founding fathers intended, that's for sure. And true independents usually get NO support, though I've again seen a couple get in on the local level, usually in small towns.

If you really want to see the bad (and it's REALLY bad, the programming/brainwashing/advertising is SO obvious to any thinking creature) US news, you can probably find it online. Since I 'killed' my television more than five years ago, that's how I usually check out what everyone else is blathering about. Try,,,,,, plus lots more, I can send others if you like. But sometimes when I'm trying to watch something from other countries, like BBC, it's not always available here, so I'm not sure if the same is true there...

I've enjoyed our exchange immensely too.

Will have to do it again sometime...

Peace to you too.

And remember, they only win if they make you unhappy.

'til later.