Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Sheila Divine: Automatic Buffalo (Wage Slavery)

The Sheila Divine: Automatic Buffalo (Wage Slavery)

Make your money. Don't stop working.
You have your future. Financial planning.
Without purpose. Like the robots.
I have purpose. I won't settle.

It's how you love. It's where you've been.
It's all you saw and touched within you.

It's how you die. It's the way you give.
Well some may love. Who really lives?

So make your money. If it keeps you happy.
There is no future. When you're just pretty.

But if I walk out and if I walk out.
Then it's c'est la vie. We'll be history.

Oh Automatic Buffalo...

Another silly youtube vid, those things take way too long to make! The Sheila Divine was a band from Boston with a die hard fanbase in the 3 B's: Boston, Buffalo and... Belgium - though split up after 2 albums and 2 EPs. Another reason to diss capitalism ;p. Will probably do "Hum" and "Like a Criminal" too later on.
Featured: Last moments of Robert Anton Wilson, Timothy Leary, Socrates. Looking within in Meditation. The movie Office Space. Some art by Alex Grey and Luke Brown. Political puppets of opposite sides of the same coin. etc. Speaking of money btw, check out this at HPANWO, grrr! (see my comment).

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