Monday, November 10, 2008

This is not Consensus 'Reality' (Irony Alert...)

This is not worth questioning.

The US does not have a one-party political system.

The magic bullet theory is not more ridiculous than JFK conspiracy theories.

This is not a terrorist who should have been impeached long ago.

These are not all brainwashing propaganda channels owned by just a few companies.

This is not a controlled demolition.

The BBC reporting it 23 minutes before it happened, and subsequently initially losing the footage at the time when it came out, is not suspicious at all.

This is not a controlled demolition.

This on the left is not a fake Osama from the supposed 9/11-claim tape.

This is not "wishful thinking".
(or in Obama's case, "believing")

This is not a typical false-promises making, corporate owned, oil-profiting, running on empty symbols, FISA bill endorsing, Ericksonian Hypnotic language using, surrounded by extremely questionable non-change characters, half-white (;p), elitist politician.

This cartoon does not painfully illustrate the
enormous wishful thinking of Obama supporters.

This on the left is not Obama's foreign policy advisor,
and important proud supporter/creator of the Jihad movement aka Al Qaeda.

Rahm Emmanuel, recently anounced Obama's Chief of Staff is not a pro-war zionist who used to be a volunteer in the Israeli army, or was on the board of directors of Freddie Mac during their scandal.

Dennis Ross, Obama's Middle East Policy Advisor is not an AIPAC zionist, former FOX employee, former staff of Paul Wolfowitz, first chairman of a new Jerusalem based think tank or a vocal supporter for the Iraq war, or one of the writers of the AIPAC address of Obama. (More on Obama's CFR crew... if you still think positive Change is coming.)

This is not evidence that Climate Change/Global Warming is part of a natural cycle. (Global Warming alarmists & Carbon Tax advocates use evidence of a few 100 years at most. Btw, you don't have to endorse a questionable theory to be truly pro-environmentalism, when is the last time you heard "pollution" on the news?)

This British Big Brother Camera system is not used against the people instead of for them. (Every relevant camera was "malfunctioning" on 7/7 London Bombings, which happened to be on a day of "terrorist drills", you know, like the "wargames" on 9/11.)

Berlusconi, prime minister of Italy is not a secret society mafiosi who owns the majority of Italian media, with this interesting coat of arms on his front lawn.

This researcher of Elite-pedophilia networks Marcel Vervloesem was not the victim of a Belgian Justice department and media cover-up, his supplied evidence did not disappear without a trace at the Justice Department and he is not dying in prison right now because of it.

Karel De Gucht, Belgian politician and public freemason did not know of the Fortis Bank problems beforehand and probably sold all his mother's shares, which he manages, completely by accident just before word of the Bank's troubles.

This prominent Belgian political journalist Siegfried Bracke, along with most prominent Belgian politicians being all public freemasons is not suspicious at all.

I repeat. This is not worth questioning.


The Secret Sun said...

Well, the only advantage to Obama is that his handlers may be evil but are extremely competent. As opposed to Clinton and Bush (six of one, etc) who were surrounded by handlers who were not only evil but extremely stupid and homeless guy-crazy. Especially Bush.

dedroidify said...

I just added Dennis Ross, lol, and Obama is actually surpassing my pessimistic expectations already, and that's quite a feat...

Kakulja Evan said...

Nicely put together. Good post.