Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Batman Gotham Knight: Working Through Pain

A few snapshots from the excellent animated short film collection Batman Gotham Knight, from the animated short film 'Working Through Pain'.

Cassandra (Teacher): Pain exists in two forms. Exterior, that which is caused by forces we can't control. And interior, which we can. Both though, can be managed through will.
Bruce Wayne: I know, I've researched the techniques. Breathing control, hypnosis...
Cassandra: What of the spiritual nature? Have you researched that as well? The interior is something you deny.
Bruce Wayne: No, it's something I manage.
Cassandra: Do you...

Bruce Wayne: Does that hurt Cassandra?
Cassandra: It feels like being caught in the rain, an annoyance.
Bruce Wayne: Does it scar?
Cassandra: Bruce (Bruise?)... What pain doesn't?

Bruce Wayne meditating

Bruce: Pain cannot be overcome.
Cassandra: No, but it can be put in its place.
Bruce: That place is where pain can work for you.
Cassandra: Pain doesn't work for you, you work through pain.

Withstanding pain, after defending his teacher,
he is asked to leave as nothing more is to be taught.

random bonus:
Batman: Alfred, how's the satellite picture?
Alfred Pennyworth: Splendid. I can almost see your pointy ears, sir.


Rob Pugh said...

Or the shorter version:

Dalton, Road House: "Pain don't hurt."

Great animation.

dedroidify said...

And the pain is out like Swayze