Thursday, December 4, 2008

World News(ance)

Obama is getting praise from all the wrong people
"Neocons, Republicans and War Criminals Rave About Obama's 'Team of Rivals'"

Wrong people? Oh right, only if you've got your head up your ass about the republicrats.

Posse Comitatus Goes Belly Up
"Here's hoping Obama scales this back. Or if he doesn't, that, with a Democrat in the White House, the Republicans rediscover the way they once got the heebie-jeebies over this stuff."

Oh so this was the hope everyone was talking about! Just a little prediction: We'll be seeing these tragically hilarious articles rooted in confused semi-denial for the 4 next years. Enjoy them!

Obama's promises
More broken than kept already? You don't say!

NWO and their puppet Obama
The "burdens" of global citizenship continue to bind us together. Burdens, newspeak for new laws...

Journalist in France handcuffed, stripped and body searched by police.
Mossad Agent Sarkozy has urged the French to calm down and that he will decriminalize libel suits. I guess we'll see about that. Meanwhile though, every French Sarkozy opposer knows what can happen if they open their mouths. Convenient.

6 in 10 Dutch think the government interferes too much in their lives
Great, maybe we'll get our shrooms back and weed won't be criminalized soon. Right...

False Flag terror in Mumbai India
Is there any other kind?

Peres links that terror to Iran
Duh. When are they going to invade Iran?

Mossad role in Turkey coup plot revealed
Of course, but let's all ignore it.

3 British Cops beat up Iraqi Veteran
"The pictures of police brutality that will shock all of Britain." What shocked the pessimist in me is the press actually covered this. "One officer has had his duties restricted and another two are being investigated." Yup, can't have all 3 losing their jobs now. That would be justice, can't have none of that.

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