Thursday, May 29, 2008

Terence McKenna: Awake in the Dream of Reality

Terence McKenna: Awake in the Dream of Reality

This vid should make up for this chaotic day ;) Excellent McKenna.

M.I.A. - Paper Planes

M.I.A. - Paper Planes

Hey everybody I found something to post! :p Aww a music vid. Cheap huh, but trust me this song is better than it first seems. Btw again, I only post music vids related to the blog's topics with no regard for genre and especially 'taste' (but don't label them correctly mostly :p). If a song sounds intelligent, always check out the lyrics and dig further! I could have woken up years earlier if I paid more attention to my tool and radiohead albums ;p. When I woke up the first things I explored too was looking for what & who inspired what & who inspired me! Btw, tomorrow will be back to usual business.

Chinese Astrology

lol, today is dedroidify blurb day, sorry folks :p (I've got nothing today, nothing :p)

My folks got back from Thailand again (they have a place there), and my mom is crazy awesome at finding (synchronistic) presents. My folks have no idea what my intrests are but know I like Buddhism and "all other weird shit" lol. (They are materialist atheists. Succesful ones who love to work hard and play hard, I must be adopted. :p)
I received a pendant with my chinese horoscope on it. The Rooster. Now I think mainstream astrology is silly as shit, for instance, I don't know anybody from the same birth year as me to be even remotely similar to my personality. Also in western astrology, my sis and dad are pisces like me and let's just say we're on such different frequencies it was hard to take astrology seriously in my youth. Though my Hawaiian buddy V has changed my mind somewhat about more serious astrology (thanks again V ;p). Btw, that pendant I hope is more reliable than a t-shirt I had with a chinese symbol, I had it in 3 colors, and when I asked a chinese girl what it meant it was hilarious, I can't remember exactly but it says "office" or something. So I don't wear 'em anymore considering how many Chinese people this planet counts haha.
I also got a book on The New Chinese Astrology by Suzanne White. The chapter on my horoscope is titled this: The Resilient Rooster. LOL! I needed 23 years for my first real resilient action :p "Uncommonly resilient , you were born to bounce back." LOL! Though I have to say, the rest is a lot more fitting, and when things are going great I am able to transmute the worst tragedies, for instance when I crashed my former car and went "wiiii" with a bit of exageration :p. I'll be enjoying this read, and hopefully believing some parts ;p
The other presents involved dragons (woot!) and a synchromesh t-shirt with a symbol on it I have to take a picture of and post here, so the symbol experts can explain it to me :p (a winged cross with a freaking kundalini-style electrical cable!). An earlier pendant I had received from my mom, purely 'coincidental' was one with an omega symbol on it. That was awesome, but I threw it off once I realized I was in a reality tunnel of killing time until 'the omega point' cometh and didn't want that, at all!

Here they come to snuff the rooster
Yeah here come the rooster, yeah
You know he aint gonna die
No, no, no, ya know he aint gonna die
Alice in Chains


I'm looking for good sources on the Kundalini. After browsing the internet and finding these links: ats thread, another ats thread. These sites were recommended in the threads, their design make my "bs filter" go berserk: Kundalini Tantra, Kundalini Yoga training. Here is a story of awakening. Most info out there on the kundalini is by amateurs and it shows, and of course the online communities aren't too helpful because of course everybody is so pseudo besides themselves and their teachers, it's unbelievable how much ego creeps into spiritual and conscious forums. I personally tried a mystic routine from AYP for six months or so, and forgive my possible ignorance but I can't stand a system that has me expanding and changing techniques once you get good at them. I felt like it was a RPG style game or something and I was levelling up.

All this got started by seeing a google hit to my blog today with the search "Kundalini 13 gates", well I still don't know what those gates are and stopped caring as I don't understand much about kundalini as is. (I suppose they just symbolize the chakras in a larger system that includes chakras out of the body) I don't even know for sure what the freaking difference is between enlightenment and a kundalini raising, if there is one.

The path of Kundalini is a post-survival, higher circuit venture, and I'm still having a pretty damn hard time as is in my survival, lower circuit venture. The hardest being a seemingly uncurable physical condition (makes meditation and life in general so much fun, sometimes I just wanna break through a wall out of frustration), others are that I still don't know what profession I wanna do in this meaningless system the pricks before us cooked up and I'm still reprogramming all of my lower circuits which keeps me from getting serious with the higher ones.

All this stuff makes sure that I do not want to get into any higher circuit trouble. As awakening the kundalini prematurely is about the last thing I want. I've talked to folks who've experienced this online and frankly, I can't handle any more uncontrollable physical symptoms as I already have a daily one thanks, and I especially don't want my life to get weirder as I already can't talk to people about most of my interests, and I hate smalltalk :p.

Also I don't like the language of a lot of kundalini people in those threads, they seem anything but enlightened or even on their way. I notice a distressing high amount of dogma, concerning the sexual aspects, sudden enlightenment and more. I also don't really see the possibility of raising the kundalini in this lifetime, the sacrifices don't seem worth it or quite possible to me in this society. I will for now continue to meditate vipassana style (also, I did get into meditation and all of this as partly escapism from reality and myself, now that I have more or less rewired my brain to my liking as to enjoy life more I have less need and/or motivation to lose-or find- myself in consciousness practice) as much as is healthy and possible and experiment with other techniques often.
But a strict regime of exercises and moral life rules to follow as the only way out of this plane? To me, that seems BS: That seems more like religion, than 'technique'.

"I have an open mind about things. I don't have any dogmas. I await further enlightenment." Robert Anton Wilson

So a few questions:
What is your daily spiritual practice, do you meditate, etc?
What is the difference between Kundalini raising and Enlightenment?

Add anything you want, but keep it informative and as passionate-belief free as possible, thanks.

Thursday Jupiter/Thor's Day

The contemporary name comes from the Old English Þunresdæg (with loss of -n-, first in northern dialects, from influence of Old Norse Þorsdagr), meaning "Day of Thunor", this being a rough Germanic equivalent to the Latin Iovis Dies, "Jupiter's Day". Most Germanic and Romance-speaking countries use their languages' equivalents: German Donnerstag, Dutch donderdag, torsdag in Scandinavia, Italian giovedì, Spanish jueves, French jeudi, Catalan dijous, and Romanian joi.

In Latin the Genitive or possessive case of Jupiter was Jovis and as such in most Romance languages with the exception of Portuguese it became the word for Thursday: Latin Jovis Dies, Spanish Jueves, Italian Giovedi, and Rumanian Jiuvidi.

In most of the Indian Languages the word for Thursday is Guruvar, with Guru being the Sanskrit name for the planet Jupiter. In Slavic languages and in Chinese, this day's name is "fourth" (Polish czwartek, Russian четверг, pronounced CHET-vierg). Portuguese, too, uses a number for this day: quinta-feira, "fifth day", (see days of the week for more on the different conventions).

In the Hindu religion, Thursday is Guruvaar, from Guru, the Sanskrit name for Jupiter, the largest of planets. Guruvaar fasting is very common throughout India for various holy/religious reasons.

Circuit 4 Moral Social Sexual Reproductive. Jupiter/Jehovah/Thor, god of thunder and father of the gods. Jupiter in astrology.

Chesed, Mercy and Love in the Kabbalah.

Daily Dedroidify: Kenny

Daily Dedroidify: Kenny

"I know I am deathless. No doubt I have died myself ten thousand times before. I laugh at what you call dissolution, and I know the amplitude of time."
Kenny (Walt Whitman :p)

And one day
I'm going to grow wings
A chemical reaction...


Yesterday, a buddy (none of my buddies are truth seekers, but inevitably listen to me once and a while) said to me. "I'd just like to know something for sure about all this."

Now I'm an expert at explaining why you shouldn't believe something. But I was dumbfounded to answer this question. All I could say was how can we be sure with all this disinfo, assumptions, ignorance and agendas etc. I also said, by exploring all these fascinating versions of what could be true, we can extrapolate 'our catma truth'. So my question, to keep this short is, with what we're exploring what can we be sure of? Was there a better answer I could have given? Any Suggestions? I mean "only the madman is absolutely sure" by RAW sounds great but to somebody who didn't even go to a good school, it sounds absolutely absurd.

One of the biggest problems I find in the western world is communication is so geared at "being right & victorious" in a conversation, than it is about "sharing & learning". With conspiracy and consciousness research, people who want to be right & victorious (and have a constant searchlight on for indignant anger opportunities) are absolutely worthless in conversation, and thus when I talk to my buddies, they will not ask more questions about any topic, and I think it's because they think they're inferior conversation partners then. While I, if I'd meet someone like me would hear them out on everything. Unfortunately, I haven't, I've only met pseudo-openminded folk like New Agers and Alternative Health practitioners who were just as dogmatic with their Belief System as the next guy. I mean I met a guy who believed vehemently and poetically in reincarnation, but meditation - that must be silly! How am I supposed to make conversation with such people if any topic triggers unthinking passionate stupidity in either accepting/rejecting the information, instead of exploring? I can't do it.

Ok stopping the blurb now (*cough* poll *cough* :p), I hate typing blurbs so maybe that's why they're not so popular either lol, I edit way too much, even after posting. Cause I feel it's just a moment's take and one view, and I'm too lazy to write up all views, don't wanna get Carpal tunnel here! But sheesh, when I read it, five minutes later I wanna post something else, not to mention five minutes after that, and so on. I continually find myself not agreeing with... me :p. (Maybe I have to write a book or something with all reality tunnels included). But I have to express myself, since I can hardly do it anywhere else. If I can't do it here, I'll start another blog :p yeah how's that? lol. Oh and about the poll, philosophy is the winner behind consciousness so far? Go to the freaking library for philosophy! :p Geez! Pick out the content the most easily available in any library, I'm trying to investigate the weird and unusual that belief systems usually reject folks, help me out a little :p. [Take this lightly folks, I know I just asked for what you wanted to see more of ;p]