Friday, July 11, 2008

The Forbidden Forest

[Good luck loading all this pics ;p You can click each one for higher detail. This is a fun collage of three trips, the park and small edge-town forest in Ostend, and the Rijkevelde forest in Bruges, all wrapped up into one. This took way too long to post, and I have to leave now, so I'll have to make up tomorrow with more posts.]

Gather round now ye younglings for I will tell ye a tale!

On the coastline of the continent of Europa
facing the Isle of Brittania
there lies a magickal land

Between the thriving plant life there are hidden all kinds of treasure


When ye parks ye carriadge not too far from it
You shall find the entrance to the Forbidden Forest

Forbidden for yonder ye be encountering strange happenings!

Ahr for a body was retrieved from the lake in the Forbidden Forest
Bad news for tourism at the start of summer for a coastal town so that didn't make the news.

Back to the Magickal Landscapes

We were fleeing these pesky Shadow Peoples who wouldn't stop following us
If you have those where you come from
You know what I mean

So we had to cross Narrow Hill!

With all its treacherous prickly weeds and I think,
yes, I think we heard frogs!

We managed to cross this with only one injury (and it wasn't me, haha!)

Arr, here ya have him, meeting these creatures is not without peril! For the human mayor refuses to listen to them and put up the "no kissing the frogs signs", the humans here claim none of them want to kiss frogs yet the frogs claim we are all closet-frog-kissers, the lot of us and they are sick of being prince-tested as they call it. Vain frogs or closet frog kissing humans? We have not heard the last of this...

They who can't appreciate nature sights have no music in them

The same tower later that day, while a Phoenix is traversing dimensions in the sky

The fountain was installed by slave-laboring dwarves, after the dwarf-duck war of '87

This alien ewok village was captured while flying a cloud dragon

This wall is part of a magickal circle in the forest, of which there are 3.
I wasn't the photographer of any of this, so sorry I forgot to request that ;p
If ye want to visualise it, picture a circle of stones with pebbles in it :p

The lake

We kept hearing these loud yells, and had no idea what it was
as we moved on, we suddenly heard it very loud above us
there was a freaking peacock up a tree!
you can't see it very well though

Here is the castle of Rijkevelde, which means Rich field,
humans will not be outdone in vanity by frogs
the clouds look amazingly angelic again

No good castle without a 2 (or 3) opposing Flying Serpent Dragons stalking it!

Reflections on the lake, you can be creative and find some cloud serpents here too

In these forest grow creatures called lesbians, here is a rare blurry picture of a couple in the open, I'm sure experts will call this another hoax, I want to believe though

It is rumoured lesbians rise up from this lake in ufo's

This is another li'l castle or mansion (man-zion/sun, hmm) in Rijkevelde

The following pic was supposed to have a dragon in it too,
but it seems to have gotten lost in digitalism, if you can find it, you get a cookie
I think it's one of the three center ones, possibly the biggest

Not to worry cause here we have another one on the left facing right

And the sunset(h) on the right from it

I'm a rainbow too

From the previous sunset, we drove to the coastline where we watched the sun go down with a pyramid looking ship in it.

That's all for now folks

Finally back on main pc

Woot! The damn gods have finally stopped toying with me, Eris and some subordinate named Murphy in particular :p. I was trying to put a new agp card in my puter and the power button now seems to need a special kind of fingerspitzgefuhl to be able to boot it properly. It took like 45 minutes to get it to work, so no more powering off for a while :p. Finally I have access to my rss feeds, ftp and everything else again so things should get back to normal here, whatever that means in this weird weather summer. Yay!

Thuth says bye

William of Thuther Thoughts is leaving the synchrosphere (btw does anyone know where Kean went to? Don't you all start leaving!) to explore other projects, check out his farewell post with a link to all his posts in pdf format (yay!). You can also check out the links on the side of the blog with top posts.

Some very good Thuth tips:
Alex Jones is CIA
George Noory is Naval Intelligence
Art Bell was Airforce Intelligence
Project Camelot is a Military Disinfo Project
Stop signs are sigils
Read More Blogs.
Do your own research. Paranoia is good. (metanoia is too! ;p)

Daily Dedroidify: Stoned Ape Theory

Daily Dedroidify: Stoned Ape Theory

Introducing... something else :p
The stoned ape theory of evolution by Terence McKenna
(download comic book - right click & save as)

"Man is a very odd creature. And to have arisen in a million years from the chipping of flint to launching of the space shuttle and the hurling of instruments out of the solar system, it seems preposterous to maintain that the forces and facts of nature as we know them could have allowed us to do what we are doing. Instead, I take a very premodern view: we are in league with the demiurge. We are the children of a force that we can barely imagine."
Terence McKenna

YT: Bill Hicks on Evolution