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Alex Jones loses it over Zeitgeist Addendum

Alex Jones analyzes Zeitgeist: Addendum Pt1 & the other 2 here

Both sides of the story: Here is a discussion incl. good pro-Zeitgeist Addendum arguments thread on the davidicke forum (but not much on the first pages). & Here is a pro-Alex Jones thread on the prisonplanet forum.

My catma is Alex was exaggerating here, he does raise some valid points but also takes a lot out of context in my opinion. Alex Jones his Christian Reality Tunnel didn't appreciate the first Zeitgeist (Pharmacratic Inquisition part) and Jacque Fresco's talk about Belief Systems. Before judging for yourself, if you don't know what to make of it I'd suggest to read the two forums threads linked and watch the documentary Future By Design which gives a much better representation of Fresco's ideas than Zeitgeist Addendum in my view, especially how human life could evolve, it's much more free than ZA seems to imply so I can understand some of the reactions. Check out the video clips of FBD. Alex Jones also kinda implies in these videos hierarchy is a good thing? To me it seems Fresco offers some great ideas to evolve beyond the current system of wage slavery and material focus. None can be forced of course. And obviously none of the crazies "in charge" now can be involved. We have to keep our eyes open and keep questioning always! What do you think about this? Did Alex go over the top? Are some people a little too suspicious of Fresco's ideas? (update: edited the post as there is such a thing as being too careful, especially after AJ had fellow fearmongerer Alan Watt (no S - and he's way too popular for what he's worth) on to bitch about the docu)

Future by Design Trailer

Robert Anton Wilson on Chapel Perilous

Robert Anton Wilson on Chapel Perilous

"Chapel Perilous is a stage in the magickal quest in which your maps turn out to be totally inadequate for the territory and you're completely lost. And at that point you get an ally who helps you find your way back to something you can understand. And then after that for the rest of your life you've got this question: Was that ally a supernatural helper, or was it just part of my own mind trying to save me from going totally bonkers with this stuff? And the people I know who've had that kind of experience, very few of them have come to an absolutely certain conclusion about this." Robert Anton Wilson

A case for the Lizzies

Since I've been arguing a little against the reptilian theory, I was moved to illustrate the other side of the coin.

This is interesting from Red Ice Creations: Italian Serpent Symbolism strikingly similar to Quetzalcoatl in Mayan Mythology. That Berlusconi lawn is one of the most twisted things I've ever seen.

And these two series of forum posts The Vampire Mantra part 1 and part 2 (the reactions are predictable, you might wanna skip those - explore 'everything' - but let's not waste time hehe). The poster posts earlier posted Mark Amaru Pinkham and I catmagree (new word!) with all the poster's disagreements, but I leave the rest in flux (and think they are taking symbolism a little too seriously, but who knows):

About the Jedi - Djedhi, 'those of the serpent lineage':
"... members of an ancient and noble monastic order, faintly similar to the military and religious orders that arose during the Crusades [like the Knights Templar]. The Jedi Knights are known for two things: their observance of a religion founded on The Force and their selection and admittance to the order, based upon specific talents that demonstrate that a person has a special link to such Force." Mark Amaru Pinkham
But what is the real meaning of 'The Force'? (Genetics in this case I guess)

"During the rise of patriarchal religion, the Serpent Brotherhood was forced to go "underground" in the western countries, but it never completely disappeared. In Europe, for example, it evolved into numerous Secret Societies, the best known of which were the Knights Templar, the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians. And in the East, the Serpents survived within the traditions of the Sufis, the Chinese Taoists, the Tibetan Lamas, and especially within the Tantric sects of India, from which kundalini Masters have come for countless numbers of years." Mark Amaru Pinkham (wtf! patriarchal religions & secret societies are intertwined...)

Forumposter: "Where I fundamentally differ, however, is in the interpretation of the 'serpent lineage' and the agenda of the secret societies, like the Knights Templar and Freemasons, who have continued to covertly manipulate the population to this day. And, for me, the point is missed that 'patriarchal religion', as he calls it, is nothing more than the serpent religions hiding behind a tapestry of cover stories. The religions are, in their way, just as much Reptilian secret societies (secretly hiding their origins and agenda) as the ones he names.

The 'sons of the gods', plural, did not come to bring enlightenment, but enslavement, and the knowledge was passed on overwhelmingly to those who were the 'demi-gods', the interbred hybrids, whose job it was to be the 'middle men and women' between the Reptilians and the human population. We call the bloodlines of these 'demi-gods' today the 'Illuminati', or 'enlightened/illuminated ones'

The 'serpent lineage' refers to the hybrid bloodlines that resulted from the interbreeding of the Reptilian entities and humans which is recorded in endless ancient texts across the world and manifests in the Bible as the sons of God (gods in the original) who interbred with the daughters of men to produce the hybrid 'Nefilim'.

These bloodlines became the 'royal' families of the ancient world and the priesthoods who developed the various religions all based on the Reptilian gods and their worship of the Sun and the goddess (the Illuminati religion to this day as my books have detailed). These hybrids are also described in ancient accounts as 'part human, part demon, or daemon' and, as I have mentioned, 'demi-gods'.

Today, they are the bloodlines that sit atop of the global political, financial, business, military and media system in pursuit of their long-time goal - a centrally-controlled Orwellian dictatorship with their 'gods' (Reptilian masters) covertly coordinating it all.

This is why, as so many researchers and insiders have now confirmed, the secret society network, including the Knights Templar and a host of others, are not working for the 'enlightenment' of the population, as people like Mark Amaru Pinkham seem to believe, but for massive and horrific levels of mass human control.

The Reptilians, who operated much more openly in ancient times, were forced to leave the planet for whatever reason, or at least many of them were, and have since continued their manipulation from a dimension very close to this one on the frequency scale, but just beyond our tiny frequency of 'visible light', better known as human sight.

They are, however, far more than 'Watchers'. They possess the bodies of their hybrids, a process made far more effective by their compatible vibrational resonance, and dictate the mental and emotional faculties of their genetic hybrids in the positions of political, economic, military and media power across the globe.

Quite simply, these Reptilian entities are controlling the bloodline families we call the Illuminati like vibrational or genetic glove-puppets - and the Illuminati are controlling so much of what happens in the world. Put another way, therefore, the Reptilians are dictating that control."

Read more at The Vampire Mantra part 1 and part 2

Short summary of the basic message: Religion, gurus, expensive systems like TM, secret societies, cults, anything to do with devotion or worship, the New Age BS, idols, ideologies, politicians, etc. are Limiting tools, not Helpful tools. Explore everything to make sense of the big picture and take what you can use, if you find something better, use that. Believe nothing, beliefs are fixed and act as filters (dogma), opinions are flexible (catma). You don't need anybody's answers, you will find your own. You don't need anybody's advice, you will create your own. You don't need anybody's guidance, you will show yourself the way to truth. Go within, and experience it. Here is a little thing I added to the quote-section on this blog: "Destroy your Beliefs, your Idols, your Role Models, your Buddha, your God, your Preferences, your Limits!"

Osho: Why the Serpent Symbolism of Kundalini?

Why has the serpent been chosen as a symbol of kundalini? Please explain all the reasons. In the symbol used by theosophy, a coiled serpent with his tail in the mouth is shown. In the symbol of the ramakrishna mission, the tail of the serpent touches the hood. Please explain the meaning of these?

"The serpent symbol for the kundalini is very apt and meaningful. Perhaps there is no better symbol than this. Therefore, not only the kundalini but also the serpent has undergone a great many travels in the symbol form. Nowhere in the world is there a religion in which the serpent has not been depicted somewhere. This is because the serpent has many qualities that tally with the kundalini.

The very first thing that occurs to the mind at the mention of the serpent is the motion of sliding - crawling. The very first experience of kundalini is that of something moving within. You feel as if something has moved within - just as a serpent moves. Another thing that comes to mind with the very notion of a serpent is that it has no legs, yet it moves. It has no means of movement - it is sheer energy - yet it travels. The third thing that comes to the mind is that when a serpent sits it forms coils. When the kundalini lies asleep within us it too rests in the same manner.

When a long thing has to accommodate itself in a small place it has to coil up; there is no other way for it. A very big power is seated on a very small center so it can only coil itself up. Now when the snake gets up it unwinds the coils one by one; as it rises the coil unwinds. In the same way we feel kundalini unwinding within when the kundalini energy rises within us.

The serpent sometimes in playfulness catches its tail in its mouth. This holding of the tail in the mouth is also a significant symbol. This is a valuable symbol and many recognized it as such. It is valuable because it suggests that when the kundalini is fully awakened it will become circular and begin to form its own circuit within. Its hood will catch hold of its own tail; the serpent will become a circle. Now when a symbol is made to depict male sadhana, male spiritual practice, it will catch the tail by its mouth; it will be aggressive. If the symbol is arrived at by female sadhana, female spiritual practices, the tail will just be touching the hood. This is a surrendering tail -- one that is not held in the mouth. This is the only difference and no more.

The hood of the serpent also became purposeful. The tail is very narrow whereas the hood is very broad. When kundalini awakens fully it reaches up to the sahasrara. It opens and spreads like the hood of the serpent; it expands enormously. It is as if many flowers bloom in it. Then its tail becomes very small.

When the serpent stands up it is a wonderful sight; it stands erect on the tip of its tail. It is almost a miracle. The serpent is an invertebrate, a creature with no bones, and yet it can perform this act. It can only be with the help of the vital energy within it, because there is no other substantial means for it to stand erect. It stands by the strength of its own willpower; it has no material strength to rely on. So it is also when the kundalini awakens: it has no physical support; it is an immaterial energy.

These were the reasons why the serpent was chosen as a symbol. There are many other reasons too. For instance, it is an innocent creature; hence, the Hindu god Shiva -- who is also called "the innocent Shiva" -- carries it on his head. On its own the serpent never troubles anybody, but if it is disturbed it can be very dangerous. The same applies to the kundalini. It is a very innocent power; it does not trouble you on its own. But if you disturb it the wrong way you will find yourself in trouble. It can prove very dangerous. So the symbol of a serpent reminds us that it is dangerous to disturb the kundalini in the wrong way. Keeping all this in mind, there was no other symbol more apt than that of the serpent.

All over the world the snake stands as the symbol of wisdom. Jesus has said, "Be clever and intelligent like a snake and as innocent as a dove." The snake is a very intelligent creature -- very alert, very watchful and very sharp and quick. These are all its qualities. The kundalini is also like this. You reach the ultimate peak of wisdom through it; it is very swift, and also very powerful. In the old days, when this symbol was chosen for the kundalini, perhaps there was nothing better than the serpent. Even now there is nothing better.

Perhaps in the future there may be a new symbol -- like the rocket. Some future concept may grasp the kundalini as being like the rocket. Its journey is the same; it travels from one sky to another, from one planet to another, and there is void in between. It can become a symbol. The age decides the symbol.

This symbol was chosen when man was very close to the animal kingdom. All our symbols of those times have been taken from animals, because that was all that our knowledge consisted of so we tried to find symbols in them. The serpent was thus the most apt symbol to define the kundalini.

In those days we could not say that kundalini is like electricity; when we talk today we can say so. Five thousand years ago kundalini could not be talked about in terms of electricity because there was no notion of electricity. But the snake has the quality of electricity. This is hard for us to believe because many of us have no experience of the snake. We may have no experience of the kundalini whatsoever, but we hardly have any experience of snakes either. The serpent is a myth for us.

Recently a survey was taken in London and it was found that seven hundred thousand children had never seen a cow. Now these children who have not seen a cow cannot possibly have any idea of a snake. So their whole way of thinking and reflecting - and their symbols - will be quite different.

Now the serpent is obsolete: it is no longer an important part of our life. Once upon a time it was very near to us; it was our neighbor and was with us all the twenty-four hours of the day. It was then that man noticed its agility, its intelligence, its movements, and the ease with which it carried itself about. It was then that man realized also how dangerous a creature it could be. There are stories of a serpent guarding an infant, and it is so innocent... There are instances when it has bitten the most fierce person and killed him, so dangerous it can be. So both of these possibilities are in it.

When man was very close to the serpent he must have watched it closely. The subject of kundalini also began at about the same time, and both the serpent and the kundalini were found similar in their qualities. But all symbols are meaningful, and if they have come to us through the ages there is a suitability, a rhythm in them. But now it is bound to break.

The symbol of the serpent will not last long. We shall not be able to call the kundalini serpent power, because now where is the poor serpent? It is no longer our neighbor; we have no connection with it. We do not even see him on the roads. So as we have no connection with it whatsoever, this question arises. It could never arise before when it was the only symbol." Osho

Obama is as real as can be :p (& Howard Stern's Sal interviews Obama Supporters)

Howard Stern: Sal Interviews Clueless Obama Supporters In Harlem

That's the second thing in a short time period I post a vid mocking the ignorance of voters, but let's be mindful and watch the media closely because this could be part of an agenda to push the dictatorship those politicians can't help but dream out loud about...

2012: Science or Superstition trailer

2012: Science or Superstition trailer

Narrator: "And what we should expect" (no-thing ;p)

Reality Sandwich: A Sneak Peek at 2012

RAW speculates on Government

Spring 2000. The recent riots in Seattle, Washington, during the WTO meeting renewed publicity and public awareness of anarchism. Do you see that happening as an historical event, working to coalesce a strong anti-corporate movement, or more of a minor explosion to release tension or...? Any opinions on the self-described "black-hooded messengers" are most welcome.

RAW: It seemed to me that the Seattle protests did represent a real historical marker-- the first time since the 1930s [70 years ago, more or less!] that the labor unions and the radical youth worked together for a common goal. I hope this represents a real change. More got accomplished in the '30s than in the '60s because we had that kind of unity during the Depression and we haven't had it since then.

What protest group or alliance of concerned citizens do you believe has the greatest potential to effectively direct political and social concerns over the next ten years?

RAW: All things considered, I have more faith in the World Game than in any traditional politics. Check them out at (that site is down: I think it was about this concept by Bucky Fuller)

Given the fact that the US government continually runs operations like COINTELPRO against activists and its own citizens, whom do you believe they will be focusing their attention on over the next ten years?

RAW: The people who use computers. We have much more power than we realize, and the governing elite has started to worry about that. They may have to give up the War Against Some Drugs, not for any sane or moral or Constitutional reason, but to use the money for a War Against Some Information. Freedom of communication represents the greatest threat our Power Elite has ever confronted. Janet ["Burn, Waco, Burn"] Reno comes out with a new plan to abolish the first amendment twice a week and one of them just might pass Congress. On one hand, I don't think such schemes can "work" -- Internet has too much "redundance of control" to allow effective censorship. On the other hand, the War Against Some Drugs can't work either -- never has worked, never will work-- but trying to make it work has given us the biggest prison population in world history. Trying to censor internet may fill the prisons even more, but information will still travel faster and further than the governing class wishes. The genie is out of the bottle. The gap between what legislators can understand and what technologists can do is wider and deeper than any abyss you can imagine.

In an ideal world, what form of government would you choose to live under?

RAW: None. I would prefer a contractual association [as presented by the individualist-anarchist model] or at least some form of anarcho-syndicalism. Nobody's life or liberty are safe as long as a government exists.

In the Sixties Timothy Leary, like many activists, was sure that marijuana would be legalized in a couple of years. It is now thirty years later and the weed is still illegal. Why do you think this is the case?

RAW: We have about 1,500, 000 people in prison for marijuna offenses and an estimated 65,000,000 pot-heads who ain't been caught yet. Calculate how many people's yearly earnings depend on maintaining this system -- the cops, the sheriffs, the DEA, the defense attorneys, the prosecutors, the social workers, the prison guards, the contractors who build new prisons, the architects etc. plus the labs who do the urine tests, the nurses who administer, the chemists etc etc. If you add to this the amount of graft in this system, as shown by the recent Los Angeles and other investigations, you'll probably agree with the estimate that this black market is worth billions, not millions, per month. That's a mighty big vested interest opposed to a free market.

You have written several dozen books. You have made numerous speaking engagements. You have cavorted with some of the most interesting cultural revolutionaries around. What words of wisdom or advice can you offer to aspiring cultural hipsters?

RAW: Oh, hell, you expect wisdom from me? I'll give you wisdom. "Think for yourself, shmuck!"


American soldiers in Iraq describe how they can kill civilians

American soldiers in Iraq describe how they can kill civilians