Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun with Language & Associations 2

First of this chaotic series is here
Now with extra etymology!

Alone: AllOne, Al1, Eye Al1 (I Alone), Home is where All is One. Home Al1!

Ark of the Covenant: a) was possibly just the box they kept the entheogens in, the myth was if you looked inside you would die - but it was probably the priesthood that would kill you ;p (thanks James Arthur). b) Other take on it of Nassim Haramein explained by Daniel Pinchbeck (thanks Hidden Dakini)

ASS: A Secret Society. Ety: Beast of Burden. Some stuff you don't have to make up, it's just too easy.

Authority: in dutch is "gezag", add an a and "gezaag" means "sawing" (wait for it) or the more used metaphorical meaning: "whining"!

Awesome: In west-flemish dialect: "Oasemn" (same phonetically) means "breathing", "to breathe". However awesome did not always mean something positive, quite the opposite.

Belief: in dutch "geloof", also means "faith". "Loof" without the "ge" means "praise"...
Ety: Holy shit are you ready for this: Belief used to mean "trust in God", then Belief had by 16c. become limited to "mental acceptance of something as true" (in other words BS in a lot of cases) from the religious use in the sense of "things held to be true as a matter of religious doctrine" (c.1225). So... basically it means dogma.

Catmagree: catma + agree, I catmagree: I seem to agree at this time with the current body of evidence but am open to new interpretation.

Citizens: C-it-iz-zen-S - See it is Zen Wisdom (thanks Imagical Greek) Ety: from City. Shame we don't use Denizen much anymore, I love the word denizen :p (ety: inside, within)

crISIS: Interesting ety. The cliché about the Chinese character also representing Opportunity is... wrong. And in fact it does not mean opportunity but "incipient moment" or "crucial point", just like "turning point" in the english etymology. Don't ever be sad about illusions dashing to pieces, instead be glad about the turning point and the acquiring of more truth ;p.

Dungeon: in dutch "kerker", -er: kerk=church (and 'er' is just a suffix)
(Kerker is from the latin Carcer, from which incarceration comes as well.)

Eternity: etern E.T. ether E.T., return E.T. ? :p Ety: Great Age.

Etymology: True Sense ;p

Freedom: We are all born free! When turned into dutch: "vree dom" sounds like "wreed dom" which means "pretty dumb" (freedumb) and "wreed" literally means "cruel", I guess we can apply that to western politicians perversion of the word. Freedom is one of my highest ideals, though the true freedom, not what silly brainwashed citizens think it is.

Hallucination: Hal/All Lucid Nation ;p - Ety: "wander (in the mind), dream" (though also "deceive", tis possible!)

Hope: Dope (Opiate for the masses? ;p), Nope, Rope :p LOL. Ety: "wish, expect, look forward (to something)", Hmm, wishful thinking eh? ;p. Some suggest a connection with hop (v.) on the notion of "leaping in expectation." Don't get me wrong though I much prefer hope-based over fear-based poly-tics.

Import-ant: What do you choose to import into your mind?, Ety: Bring in.

Island: Is land, Eye land. Ety: Thing on the water, lol.

Life: In flemish/dutch is "Leven" (also "To Live"), there is no singular of "Leven", the closest in flemish/dutch could be "Lef" = "Guts, Nerve, Daring". Ety: Continuance! Something quite different than the recent mechanical materialist view isn't it.

Lord: anagram for the dutch "Drol" which means Shit or turd. Screwed up ety too.

Mansion: Man Sion/Zion, Man's Ion (thanks Imagical Greek)

Missing: I once made the typo misisng - isis is missing, see aferrismoon for more info.

Mission: Missing Sion/Zion/Sun hehe. Etymology: originally of Jesuits sending members abroad, from L. missionem (nom. missio) "act of sending," from mittere "to send," oldest form probably *smittere, of unknown origin.

Missionary: 1656, from mission (q.v.). Missionary position first attested 1969; allegedly so called because Christian missionaries forced it on "primitive" people to replace their more creative variations. When are they gonna make a movie out of that one? :p

Monastery: Moon-a-stare-y (thanks Hendrik Palmgren from Red Ice)

Neo-Con: Neo=One ;p. Con-vict. Con-artist...

Ouroboros pun: "That was a long time ago" in flemish/dutch "Da's lang geleden", slang=snake.

Partizan: backwards is 'nazitrap' :p there is a movie company called partizan films (thanks Steve Willner of Labyrinth of the Psychonaut)

Soldier: soul-die-er, sol (sun) dier (thanks Imagical Greek). Ety is all about the money... Just as today really.

Science: seance (thanks Michael Skaggs of Hidden Agendas). (see first post on Language & Association for more, I have the highest respect for the Scientific Method, but not for Mainstream Science.)

Surface: How much of an Ace are you at Surfing this planet?

Understand: Under-stand, in dutch "verstaan", "ver" = far. So in both languages not the greatest connotations. Ety: Grasp the idea of. Synonym in dutch: Be-grijp, grijp = grasp.

Victim: in flemish/dutch, "slachtoffer", literal translation: "sacrificial offering". No, really. Ety: 1497, "living creature killed and offered as a sacrifice to a deity or supernatural power," from L. victima "person or animal killed as a sacrifice." Perhaps distantly connected to O.E. wig "idol," Goth. weihs "holy," Ger. weihen "consecrate" (cf. Weihnachten "Christmas") on notion of "a consecrated animal." Sense of "person who is hurt, tortured, or killed by another" is first recorded 1660; meaning "person oppressed by some power or situation" is from 1718. Weaker sense of "person taken advantage of" is recorded from 1781. Victimize is from 1830. (thanks Alex of Too Long in this Place)

War: In dutch/flemish: "In de war= confused". Ety: To confuse ;p
Are you keeping your mind on War? Eg:
Global Warming & The Climate Wars BBC docus. War on Terror: War oF Terror, or "War on Terra, Earth" (thanks Michael Tsarion) - Wars/Mars: Flip the first letter, Mars is the War(s) planet (thanks Jake Kotze of The Blob).
Video games: If we consider the theory that focus on x creates more of x, and we consider the intense nature of War video gaming, well...
World of Warcraft - Halo(=Stargate) Wars - Sun Crusher: The Great War - Twilight War: After the Fall -Act of War: Direct Action - God of War 1, 2 - Gears of War 1, 2 - Universe at War - War World - the FPS flood of many WW2 installments of series: Call of Duty (latest: World at War) / Brothers in Arms / Medal of Honor / Battlefield - War of the Ring - World in Conflict - Rome: Total War - Command and Conquer - Frontlines fuel of war - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Warhammer - Guild of War 1, 2 - crapload of Star Wars games - Theatre of War...

MJK: Changes Come

This is a wonderful blogpost from Maynard James Keenan. Thanks very much to Cam for sending it to me. It was just what I needed at this time and considering my earlier posts, I thought I'd post it here too to inject some positivity, along with the next post (below).

Roughly 9 years ago, on a day off from endless touring, I found myself in Memphis, TN. Instead of the normal routine of bad room service, pay-per-trash, cookie cutter mall visit, dinner, and "gentleman's club," I opted to visit an historic site. The Civil Rights Museum & Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Rather than cab it, I chose to walk the several dozen blocks across town in an attempt to tune myself to this place. This Museum is not in the center of town and not a place you would just happen upon. It's a place you would need to seek out.

As you approach the building, it appears that it's simply a converted motel. Basically because it is. And for good reason. You pay your donation and begin to wind through a seemingly endless maze of photos, documents, text, video/audio. I took my time. I read as much as I could. It didn't take long for the dark reality of this period to set in. Atrocity after atrocity. This wasn't that long ago. We did these things to each other. These awful awful things. It was like watching a movie. I kept thinking, "surely something good must happen soon to offset all these horrible things and events and surreal moments." I spent hours in there looking for it. At times I caught myself walking faster from display to display looking for an emotional break or some levity and found none. 2 full floors. And just when I thought it was over, and I could see the exit sign ahead, my body froze. I realized why it was a motel. I realized where in fact I was. I was standing in front of a display window that looked into the room where Dr Martin Luther Kings Jr drew his final breath before stepping out of his room. He was assassinated in this very spot. I could feel my heart snap. And although it rarely if ever happens, I wept like a baby. We did this. People like you and I who come into the world in the same manner, walk on the same soil, breathe the same air. We did this. Will we always be capable of such monstrous acts against our brothers and sisters? Where is the light? Will we ever see it?

Today, Nov 4th, 2008 I think I may have seen evidence of this light. Never mind the candidates. They're politicians. Not the point. That we were able to grow enough as human beings to elect Senator Barack Obama as our President and International Representative showed me hope. It began to untie the knot that I've carried with me since that visit to Memphis. This time tears of joy. Granted, we aren't out of the woods yet. But I see light. And today is truly a wonderful day.

Maynard James Keenan

Ever see a President Elect... on WEED?

Ever see a President Elect... on WEED?

LOL, thanks DoseNation!