Tuesday, January 13, 2009

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood - Part 18

9/11 Hidden in Hollywood - Part 18

Seven Days, How to murder your wife, The Medusa touch, New York stories, Cube, The Book of Life, The Usual Suspects, The Shaft, Operation Delta Force 3, Lethal Weapon, Brazil, The Distinguished Gentleman, Shakedown, The 10th Kingdom, Meteor, A Beautiful Mind, The Paper (there's also a scene where you first see the towers and then you see a News Paper with "They Didn't Do it" with two black kids on it), The Human Factor, Ricochet.


Wagner said...

Well, since we have more than enough info about the job done. Shouldnt be time to keep an eye on what the movies are predicting now about the near possible future?

(check the info to a list of dozens of movies with the same theme)

James Ratte said...

here's the latest find is 252

Dark Knight
Good Cop Bad Cop scene, Joker tells Batman to find Harvey at 250 52 (which isn't exact but still resonates with me)Street and "the BBlushing BBride to BBe" at Avenue X and Cicero. Two Face's coin is marked with an X.

Gonna need a remote for this scene, it's a subliminal because of how fast it moves through. As dog, cat and hampster are jumping off an overpass a yellow truck goes past with 252 on the truck stacked vertically.

X-files: I want to Believe
the synch is the suspects mailbox number 252 which Scully imediately associates with Pslams 25:2

Santiago said...


I don't know if you found this already...There is a scene in the Beatles' Yellow Submarine when the Captain messes with the clock on the submarine to move time forward.

The scene cuts to the submarine control panel. If you pause the movie right when the panel reads "2009" as the year, you will see the analog clock read 8:05 and 55 seconds. If you add the numbers the hands are pointing to you get 9 (8+1 hour hands) and 11 (second hand).