Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lozt & Found 5x06 316

"Culture is your (OZ) Operating System."
Terence Mckenna

"What does 'inform yourself' mean? It means transcend and mistrust ideology, go for direct experience. What do you think when you face the waterfall?"
Terence McKenna

"Jump into the abyss and discover it's a feathered bed."
Terence McKenna

Jack Shepherd, after his long Dark Night of the Soul, a state of being LOST, finds himself and his purpose again, returns to the Island after "finding the others" (McKenna again) and does what anyone going through the Dark Night of the Soul should do, jumping into the abyss of the unknown future now, away from the known past: his belief system that rejected Locke's findings.

Here's what went through my mind before I started this write-up, during my last mushroom trip, which I did with 3 Others, there was this stage where we were going "now we remember, hahaha, oh guys, how could we have forgotten, it's so silly, laughing and realizing." We never got to say what was on our mind obviously but we did feel it. What I felt was I was them, and they were me. Basically there are no Others. That's why we're Lost. The illusion of separate ego identity.
Of course, coming down, I could verbalize this, though I didn't. My friends are not interested in consciousness or anything I deal with on the blog, during the coming down of that trip I felt the closest to those people I have ever felt, but also the most far away I could. What also triggered this approach is they kept me waiting for 2 hours without notice before taking the shrooms and I had to use breathing exercises to calm myself down for this gross neglect of set & setting for a mushroom trip, which I regard as profound instead of mostly fun & weird, or just "foodpoisoning" as they do. Bittersweet (Office post of yesterday) comes to mind, the ego Operating Systems rebooted and we were LO.S.T again!

The Lamp Post, the room that finds the Island... not in space, but in time.

All StarGates this way. Departure=Raptured.

Oceanic Logo Stargate and Point in Circle.
Oceanic Airlines: Soar through the Ocean of Consciousness.

They have to get as much people back to the Island and have to recreate the first flight as best as possible, through synchronicity they have some amazing "luck". Jack finds shoes from his dad. Kate is back. The hot chick from the series 'Rome' escorts Sayid on the plane. Hurley buys most of the seats so they're empty. They even know the pilot!

On the plane:
Jack: How can you read?
Ben: My mother taught me... I can read Jack, because it beats what you are doing.
Jack: What's that?
Ben: Waiting for something to happen... (Do something productive instead!)

What is Ben reading? Ulysses by James Joyce. Which is basically the same as Lost. From an interview with Robert Anton Wilson:
DAB: What is your fascination with Joyce?
RAW: I could talk all day about that! Joyce was more interested in synchronicity more than any other writer before me, and he influenced me a great deal. My fascination with synchronicity grows more out of Joyce than out of Jung. Ulysses and Finnegan's Wake are all about synchronicity, and they came out long before Jung ever wrote anything on the subject. Joyce fascinates me because of many other things. In Ulysses, he was the first one to write a relativistic novel, the first Einsteinian novel. Every other novel before Ulysses had one point of view, which was supposed to be the objective point of view, and in Ulysses, Joyce refuses to give you an objective point of view. He gives you about 54 different points of view, and leaves it up to you to decide which of the various narrative voices you're going to believe. And I find that a very appropriate style for the 20th Century, it's entirely compatible with relativity and quantum mechanics . . . the amount of deception and propaganda in the 20th Century world, where you can't take anything at face value. It's compatible with modern philosophy, everything from Nietzsche and Wittgenstein on, we've learned more and more about how the mind creates its own reality-tunnel; it's entirely compatible with modern psychology and neurology and cultural anthropology.
I don't see why anybody is still writing Victorian novels, I think everybody should be writing Joycean novels, to be contemporary, to be compatible with modern science, modern philosophy and modern civilization in general. People who are writing pre-Joycean novels, it seems to me like they're riding around in a stagecoach instead of using a car or a plane."
From an interview with Damon Lindelof, Lost co-creator and executive producer:
Lindelof: "My father was into the Illuminati and the number 23, so he was a big reader of Robert Anton Wilson."

"Jack, I wish you had believed me." John Locke

Speaking of synchronicity, what Jack is trying to get rid of, the letter from John, just keeps getting back to him. Sooner or later, we all have to face whatever's on our path, and no matter where you run, you're still on your path.
This note in the picture irked me a little, containing the b-word. I had preferred "openness" or something... Though maybe not, we always have to pay attention when being 'irked', what's really going on? I have to say, that with this overly skeptical belief system of mine the last year (not that you probably noticed that much of it here), what I have been experiencing is just what's in my mind: A push-pull mechanism between materialism & mysticism, this btw, to cope with social reality (I actually typed "real life" first, heh). Perhaps it is time to get real with myself and finally accept that inner consciousness is mirrored by external experience and step up my practices again. It's not like synchronicity fits into a materialist worldview, and I sure could use an inner and outer change. Time to, not necessarily believe, but realize, Know This, Gnosis.

Btw, speaking of consciousness resonating, my career had some starting problems, what was the expensive part that had to be replaced in the car a short while ago? ... The Starter. Btw, speaking of Starting, remember this silly post. I found another one, obviously my entire life I've had people referencing "Ringo Starr" whenever hearing my first name, Ringo Start, Ringo StarGate. Nigro Star= Black Star hehe. No more being Lost, time to find myself. Time we all find ourselves!


littlebirdsings said...

Hi! I have been perusing your blog and because of the nature of it, I was surprised you hadn't any links to David Wilcox... and I wondered if it was possible that you have never heard of him, which is surprising considering your breadth of knowledge composed here: so I thought you might like it! check it out:


aferrismoon said...

Today had numerical reason to play with 316.
Enumerated the Hebrew of genesis Ch.3 v.22 and it came to 3160.
Took of the 0 and found that 316 = 4x79.
79 = YAChYN and 79 = BOZ, the Two Masonic Pillars and representative of the Twin towers
Following the number-nose stole off to John 3:16 -
" And God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son , that whosoever believeth on him should not perish , but have eternal life'

genesis Ch.3 v.22
'And he said : behold Adam is become as one of us, knowing good and evil: now therefore lest perhaps he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life , and eat, and live for ever'

All part of the post I thought i'd do next, so wonderful to see your 316 and the connexion to Lost. Haven't seen it yet


Juho William said...

@ littlebirdsings: The correct spelling is "Wilcock." You'll find Dedroidify entries with that tag via this URL:

Hope that helps. :)

StrangEye said...


"Jack Shepherd"

The shepherd is obvious with
John 3:16 and the only son...

and JACK

well Chris Knowles and I have torn that one wide open on
The Secret Sun
Strange Eye

through exploring the 81st OSCARS

Jacques de Molay

Last (official) Grand Master of the Knights Templar.


HUgh michael JACKman

Michael JACKson...


ViølatoR said...

I was thinking about 316 recently too, odd.
Jack = Octagonal Union Jack flag. 3 crosses combined in 1.

I was watching an old episode of LOST and I noticed that when the lostees talked about other people in the group, they would refer to them as "the others." Like: "The others want to get off this island" or whatever. Then there is "The Others" who have always been there. At first everyone was an "other" to everyone else, but now they're starting to work together and become One, and not separate "others."

dedroidify said...

Great stuff guys, I didn't have much time for this post and only added the 316 at the end as a ref to know which episode it is, great post aferrismoon!

Thanks Juho for helping out Littlebirdsings!