Friday, February 20, 2009

The Office: "Prince Family Paper"

Synopsis: Michael and Dwight spy on a rival paper company. The rest of the office debates whether or not Hilary Swank is hot.

Jim: "I think all of us have a tendency to view celebrities as sort of mythical figures, you know, we don't really see them as real, so therefore we don't judge them as real people."

Kev: "Are you sirius? Jim, just show us a picture!"

Jim shows Kev a picture, inside his head! He takes Kev into a little guided meditation to persuade him to say Hilary Swank is hot, but he botched up... cause Kev making out with Swank & her being hot is obviously not the same thing. Even Kev realizes that. In the end, more people say she's hot than hot, cause I guess it's the least you can do for the woman. Hillary Swank e-primely seems pretty repulsive to me, but then again so do most of these celebrity women, photoshop help them in the name of futility.

"She looks like a monster!" Kev

Oscar: "Yes, she's attractive but she's not hot." Seriously? I'd just say she's symmetrical. Divine ratio hot or not ;).

Stanley: "I am trying to be more optimistic in life. I've got what, 20, 30 more years left and my family history says, I have less. Now the old Stanley Hudson would have found something to complain about with this actress, but that's no way to live life! Look at this healthy, sexy, pretty, strong young woman. Come on people! She... is... hot!"

Ah optimism vs pessimism. Here's a few things I can't help sharing, especially cause Stanley is abusing his optimism ;p Balance!
Optimism: + open, learning, exploring, enjoying, appreciating - liking too much and sharing it to the point of annoyance, getting yourself and your buddies into crazy shit cause you didn't respect the risks, being unbelievably careless cause you think everything will be ok anyway.
Pessimism: + critical, evaluating, careful, risk-assessing and trouble-avoiding - ruining your and everyone's day for the sheer possibility of... negativity, not giving much a fair chance, seeing more limits instead of possibilities, for god's sake stop bitching ;p.
Any observations of your own? I'd love to read 'em.

At the end, everyone still holds their initial opinion
Oscar: "That's the thing about debating, people are just entrenched in the view they had in the first place."
Pam in the crowd: "When I was talking, you weren't listening..."

Belief System Territoriality, or why debating is futile as hell.
RAW helps out.

Btw, interestingly, this episode was called Prince Family Paper. Royal Bloodline Money? Talk about the sirius mythical hollyweird family! The episode was supposedly called that way because Michael and Dwight spy on a rival paper company.
Before they go in, Dwight and Michael goof around a bit in the car. Following other synchromystics noticing lights in the background, (and today too from aferrismoon!) check this out:
Notice car to the left of Dwight with the solar reflection.
Bob head in front of it.Move head back, hello again light.
Hey the light moved into the headrest of Dwight's seat.

Prince Paper=PP=16 16=7 7=OZ.

From the Blob: "Aleister Crowley starts of this small ZO/OZ synchromystic collection as he wrote Liber OZ/77, 77 having the same numerical value as 'Goat Boy' Pan in Hebrew/Kabbalah."
With the winged disc of his car logo in view all the time, Michael Scott says: "There is something in nature called the food chain. It is where the shark eats the little shark, and the little shark eats the littler shark and so on and so on until you get down to the single cell shark. So now, replace sharks with paper companies and that is all you need to know about business."

Later Michael wrecks his winged disc chariot when attempting to drive away, and the nice family help them out taping the thing so they don't have to get it towed. Even offering coffee.

With some hexagons in the chariot next to theirs. "The hexagon is also mentioned alot in his videos because of it's connection to bees and that a Cube has 6 sides, and 8 vertices. So the stargate symbol can transform from hexa to octo and still be a cuboid representation." Stygian Port. Of course any symbol can be interpreted in many ways, this one for example from bee-hive mentality to whatever you can come up with.

"It's bee-znez, it's not personal!" Dwight
"I'm not a shark..." Michael feeling guilty

When Michael gets congratulated cause Dwight got the nice family company's customer list to their boss, we see a little cube on the desk. After which Michael finishes the episode with:
"I guess this is what they call a bittersweet moment, it is bitter cause I slightly destroyed a wonderful little family, but sweet because David Wallace thought I did a great job. That's why I hate bittersweet chocolate, I don't even- what's the point of that, why not just sweet? I mean who, who are you helping?" Indeed, bizniz whores. Who are you helping?


ViølatoR said...

That's an old struggle of not-so-hot women being seen as hot because of the mythological status, like Cleopatra who is clearly not a hottie either. Is it me, or is there some complimentary color pattern in that Rubiks cube? Also the miniature pool table, a rectangle with 6 pockets - the cuboid strikes again!

JJ said...

At the base of the Tower of Babel common language becomes poison and words of love come out as curses.

When people argue they start to form their own language that really doesn't live on the smudges of ink anymore but rides on the back of good old wild will. Whether you're 'good' or 'evil' doesn't count if you're not passionate about the study of languages.

Banality: Optimist succeeds where pessimist fails and the other way round. Optimist becomes the ad man for love identifying with what they say, whereas, the pessimist becomes reluctantly but surely satan for the greater good. On the other side of the heart the truth is dropped in the name of love while the other drops love in the name of truth. All good and bad things have found their opposites and they are too glaring to ignore, anymore. Ban all meets B anal.

At some point circuit II recognizes the situation as "no language" so circuit I flashes danger at the presence of some animal. The hand reaches for the club again.

Among zombies, eating Deb can only work as long as nobody cares who gets to eat what part.