Saturday, March 14, 2009


The Reaper

At one point you hear Jem's They in the trailer. More on that later, first here are some random Synchromystic Reaper tidbits:
Kinda like this show, these are the dudes from "Grounded for Life" & "Invasion". Adapted from wiki: Kevin Smith directed the pilot of this series and is credited as a creative consultant. Throughout the main character: Sam's life, he always wondered why his mom and dad were so easy on him. Whether it was sports, school, career choices, or picking on his little brother Kyle, Sam always got away with everything. Because of it, he decided to drop out of college and take a dead beat job, wasting most of his time playing video games and wishing he could ask his co-worker Andi out. However, everything changes in Sam's life once he turns 21 and finds out the reason his parents let him get over was because they sold his soul to the devil before he was born.
Ghostbuster-like toaster. see Accidental Alchemist's Brave little toaster post too
Satan explains to Sam that he must serve as his bounty hunter, tracking down souls that have escaped from Hell with hilarious "vessels" to collect the escapees. The first pic shows a little handheld hoover, the second a ghostbuster-like toaster. Initially, Sam refuses to accept his fate but he realizes the grave consequences of breaking a deal with the devil. Sam finds that the work is dangerous and frightening even with the goof ball help of his friends and fellow slackers Sock and Ben, and Sock's former girlfriend, Josie. As bizarre as his life becomes, Sam feels good about his newfound "missions", removing evil souls from the world and sending them back to where they belong. Along with his friends and his vessel of the week, Sam prepares to face his destiny as the "reaper".

The Devil gives Sam a viewmaster type thingy to show images of what he's dealing with in one episode, and then there's a pic of the Devil with a woman. "Oh sorry, that's me at the Emmy's."

In another episode: ~ Sam to the Devil: "You make up these totally arbitrary rules and expect me to just be your little robot? (remember for Jem post later on) No! I'm sorry ok, I refuse to accept your power over me, I'm not your machine."
Though two trucks nearly run Sam over, and the Devil says "I trust I've made my point."
"Loud and clear." and the Devil bites an apple. ~

8 o'clock octagonal stargate time
Stargate time.
Through the Octagonal tunnel stargate
The Devil playing Space Invaders, hmm!
The Devil throwing darts at the sdartgate dartboart.


Jon Kidd said...

I can't believe how random these things come together. I was putting youtube clips on for my kid and I randomly remembered the movie 'The brave little toaster" seeing you image of the sparking appliance freaked me out...

11/11 clip of the movie...whoaaa

Nightghost said...

Wow, that is very interesting. Never seen this before. Thanks for the pics and video heads up.

dedroidify said...

Heh Jon that's awesome. Np nightghost!