Wednesday, May 13, 2009

9/11 Synchronicity in Art: Part 2

9/11 Synchronicity in Art: Part 2 images (part 1 movies here)


Michael Skaggs said...

This is excellent! I have to download this video and keep it handy! Firstly, when people see this, how can they dismiss it as coincidence? Secondly, I know many that would say "its the collective unconscious expressing itself", but wait a second here...

(1) most of the more gruesome 9/11 ads, etc. are from "Madison Avenue" type publishers or companies, not the average everyday Joe-Q so I cannot agree there that it's the collective unconscious coming out from Corporate advertising agents

(2) There is tremendous symbolic significance obviously as most have seen/discovered in the attacking of the Twin Towers in Manhattan [MAN-H-ATON]or having some disaster [dis - death, aster - ster] in NYC. Perhaps it's intended to entrain the subconscious so eventually it would come out as the collective conscious. Who knows.

Maybe it's just supposed to represent some silly Masonic ritual, right? ;) Sure.

Thanks for posting this bro!

Michael Skaggs said...

OOOPS Dis - Death, Aster - Star, not STER. My bad! Sorry.