Sunday, August 16, 2009

2012 Mega Ritual Exposed by Rik Clay

2012 Mega Ritual exposed by Rik Clay

Repost of this legendary Red Ice interview with late Rik Clay. Amazing amount of images and some video are added in this version for excellent clarity. Also featuring a Terence McKenna Timewave Zero clip in part 8.

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Mr Panda said...

Thanks very much for posting this Dedroidify, it was very interesting. Lots of great research from the late Mr Clay. I do however feel he had some tunnel vision with regards to his ideas, the way he brushed aside some of the Red Ice interviewers thoughtful questions, ie; why have this end of the world in 2012 thing going on while paving the way for New Jerusalem and the new messiah/sun king etc. Whoevers NWO/synch/conspiracy ideas you look at, there's always a lot of blank spaces and missing information, I think we fill these blank spaces/voids with our own psyche's, our fears hopes imagination etc. Its always worth keeping an open mind I think and not being to attatched to one way of looking at things because we can't see the full picture yet.